Dove® and Sam’s Club Have Partnered
to Show Women They’re Beautiful

This post is part of a sponsored campaign.

Dove® has long been known for their campaign for real beauty, that each and every woman is different and all are beautiful. Unfortuntely there is so much media out there that can leave women feeling insecure and self conscious about her looks & body shape.

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We are all beautiful, every single one of us.

I have freckles. Lots and lots of freckles and for years and years I hated them. The freckles on my face & arms never bothered me much, it was all the freckles on my legs. I would wear clothes that covered me up, I would try to tan either outside or in a tanning bed, or I would try every single self tanner I could find trying to make myself darker so the freckles wouldn’t stand out so much. I’ve learned that they are not a bad thing and that they make me, me…. make me unique.

No other brand but Dove® sees the true beauty of women, and no retailer can bring out that beauty quite like Sam’s Club.

On May 17th, Dove® will be handing out postcards for women to send out to remind someone they are beautiful….Just Because!

While you’re at Sam’s Club, be sure to check out the Health & Beauty aisle to see the variety of Dove® products available. Find the Sam’s Club nearest you!

What makes you beautiful?


This post is part of a sponsored campaign.



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