Happy Mother’s Day from Fisher Price

Anna here to share thoughts of motherhood. This post is part of a sponsored campaign.

Fisher Price has a Mother’s Day wish for you….and other Moms too! Forget sleepless nights! Enjoy a relaxing, playful Mother’s Day! You’ve earned a day to celebrate what being a mom is all about!

No matter who you are, being a mother is not an easy thing. For some, parts of motherhood might seem to come naturally, while other parts you read books and research Google for hours trying to figure out how or what to do.

For me, the early newborn, baby, & toddler stages of motherhood came fairly naturally. You read all about the sleepless nights and the constant feedings and diaper changes and burping. And of course that was all there. And some days it was good, smooth sailing. Some days it seemed like all I did was sit on the couch nursing or changing a diaper. But I was able to trust my instincts and my gut.

But I know for some the baby stages aren’t easy, they don’t come naturally to them. And that’s ok. We are all different women, different people. Lots of mothering is simply trial and error. Some of it you know how you want things to be and it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

I believe, if your doing the best you can, loving your kids with all your heart, in the end, everything will turn out just fine.

Happy Mother’s Day Mamas.

Go enjoy the day the way you want to!

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