Girls Can Be Superheroes Too!
Be Bold! Be Brave! Be You!

by Anna

Anna here to talk about an innovative doll from Arklu to send a positive message to girls everywhere.

Body image is a huge issue with girls. Today’s media images of perfection and sexiness have girls wanting to look ways that are either unrealistic or much to old for their ages.

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My daughter is now at the age were she likes to have a lot of say in her clothing choices, which is fine for the most part, but we also have to talk about what is and isn’t appropriate. I tend to be a little more conservative even as an adult so I am very watchful of what I let my daughter go out in public in.

I don’t want my daughter to have to feel like she has to dress or act certain ways to be considered pretty or have higher self-esteem. I want her to be who she is, who she wants to be, without her clothing or the way her body is shaped influencing her….or how “other people” say her clothing or body shape should be influencing her.

That’s why I love companies like Arklu, who launched Lottie in August of 2012, an innovative doll for children ages 3-9. Lottie was purposefully designed to look and dress as a regular child with a childlike body shape, with no make-up, jewelry, or high heels. Lottie can stand on her own two feet, both in a very literal and metaphorical sense. This is a great message to send to young girls. I say, keep them young as long as possible, because cliche or not, they grow up too fast anyway!


Lottie has launched the Superhero Costume Design Contest showing girls that Superheroes are not just for boys. Girls can be superheroes too! is the rallying call for a global competition launched by Arklu. Arklu has teamed up with US non-profit organization Brave Girls Want. Entrants 10 years old and under are asked to design a superhero outfit for the Lottie doll.

lottie doll collage

Entering the competition is easy and requires parental permission: Parents and guardians can download a coloring page from the superhero contest app on the Lottie dolls Facebook page and kids can use that as a starting point for their design. Kids are encouraged to to describe the superpower abilities that their doll has. Parents then upload their child’s designto the contest facebook app and fill out the simple and easy entry form.

Entires will be judged by a panel including at least one independent panelist member of the Brave Girls Alliance. Entries are judged on their creativity or originality, overall “kid-appeal” and keeping true to the “pro girl” values.

The deadline for entries is May 7th 2014. The winner will be notified confidentially in May 2014 and a public announcement being made when the winning outfit goes on sale in October 2014….just in time for the International Day of the Girl.

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To see more entries check out the Girls Can Be Superheroes Too! Pinterest Board!

You can WIN a Lottie doll and accessories set of your choosing! Use the entry form below to enter this giveaway.


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