Kids Fun Food App Encourages Healthy Eating

Jennifer D. is here to let you know about a fun app for preschool- and young elementary-aged kids. She received a code for review purposes and was compensated to write this post.

What do you get when you combine a fun puzzle game app and Pin-It worthy food images? You get Dreambook Studios Kids Fun Food app. It is available in the itunes app store, Samsung, and Google play.

Kids Fun Food app

This app offers two different — and equally useful — features. One is a menu feature which shows you how to make fun fruit creations to entice and encourage your children to eat healthy snacks. I loved the pear mouse (pictured above) that I found on their Pinterest board. If you like those kinds of ideas, I encourage you to follow them there and/or on Facebook.

The other is a puzzle game. See how it works by watching the video below. It’s advertised for 3 – 8 year olds, and I think that’s a good range. It’s not quite as simple as it looks in the video. My 15-year-old daughter thought it was cool and wanted us to try to make some of them after I showed the app to her!

kidsfunfood from dreambook studios on Vimeo.

Exposing kids to different foods and helping them appreciate and enjoy healthy snacks like fruit is important. If a fancy presentation does this and makes food more fun, I’m all for it.

The recipes (building instructions and ingredients) are accessed by the Mom’s Recipes button, and the puzzles are found in the Menu section. In this age of “Pinterest parenting” (Did I just make up that term? Should I trademark it??), and using devices to occupy and educate our kids, the Kids Fun Food app is a perfect combination of both of these trends.


  1. Chris MeaD says

    Will have to try this with my oldest. He is so picky about his food! The only thing that gets him to eat his fruits and veggies is if we tell him his favorite superheroes eat them. So far so good. It has worked, but can’t hurt to have this in the arsenal too! Thanks for sharing

  2. says

    Love these types of apps! My website is devoted to healthy family eating and cooking with kids, and my kids are very aware of nutrition. The information they soak up helps them develop a lifelong habit of making healthy choices.

  3. Claudette Lariviere says

    Luving n sharing your pages, we recently became grandparents for the first time, we have a little grandson who just had his 1st birthday, his name is Mason and we luv him to pieces! Have not looked at baby anythings for over twenty years…lol…so many new things to buy! Thank you for all the work you do on your page for New Moms, Dads and Grandparents!

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