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UPDATE: Now get a 20% discount using coupon code “5min”.

I am about to transition my three-month-old from the bassinet to the crib. With this transition comes new worries.  Will she sleep as well?  Will her big sister throw toys in her crib?  Will she be warm enough?


There is an awkward stage during the infant stage during which a baby’s warmth is a constant concern. Perhaps you are no longer swaddling or your infant despises the swaddle.  How are you to keep your child warm?  Blankets at this stage are a suffocation hazard.  This is where the Belly Cozy comes in. Inspired by a baby and created by his parents, this product is made with the specific needs of children in mind.

This smartly designed blanket wrap keeps your baby warm, and safe, throughout the night.

I love that this adjustable blanket wrap comes with enough velcro to grow with baby.  The adorable animal patterns add a touch of fun to this practical and useful product.

With only a wall heater in our home, the nursery can often become cold with the door shut to keep out distracting noises.  The Belly Cozy ensured that our little one was warm and cozy.

There are so many features to love about Belly Cozy:

  • BellyCozy’s unique design wraps around a baby’s core, allowing your child to kick freely.
  • I loved the soft feel of the bamboo cotton, which also ensures excellent breathability.
  • The soft and secure velcro attachment can adjust to fit most babies between 6 to 18 months.
  • BellyCozy fully complies with CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) regulations for baby products.
  • Each BellyCozy has uniquely embroidered details with durable stitching designed to last.

In the past I have used a sleep sack, but as soon as our first daughter was able to crawl and roll over in her crib, the sleep sack got in her way and caused her frustration. This led to interrupted sleep.  The Belly Cozy’s design will prevent any physical obstructions while still keeping baby toasty warm.

This product is available in three adorable designs: Lazy Lion, Snoozy Fox, and Dreamy Panda.

You can learn more about the Belly Cozy on their website or Facebook page.

BellyCozy wants to give you the chance to warm up your little one with their amazing product.  They are giving away three BellyCozies!

The giveaway has ended but…
Now get a 20% discount using coupon code “5min”.


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  1. Krystal C says

    With a new baby in the home, this would be awesome to try. Even with baby in our room, it gets very chilly and I’m always concerned about him being warm without the worry of blankets.

  2. Vivian S says

    My daughter might be too big for this but she would probable love it! Wish they made them bigger. Her baby cousin could definitely use it when it gets cold at night.

  3. Linda Kish says

    This is very cute and a good idea. I’d like to in one because I’m trying to start a collection of items for when my son and DIL decide it’s time to have a baby. I keep hoping…

  4. Karen says

    My son is 7months old and super active. I have been trying to find a way to keep him from chewing his sleep sack and I think this is it!!! This will be perfect.

  5. 1955nurse says

    We have a new Grandbaby due to arrive soon, & I just know that this would be a welcome addition!!! TY4 the chance…..

  6. Alecia says

    My cousin just had her first baby last week and I have another cousin that is due next month. I think either one of them would love this.

  7. natalie yeoman says

    my cousin is pregnant i think this is adorable i would give this to her as one of her baby shower gifts

  8. Em Ma says

    I’d like to win because my little one hates to be swaddles and I don’t want to use a blanket due to possible suffocation so I’m seeking a way to keep him warm at night.

  9. Stephanie Galbraith says

    I want to win this because my sister in law is having a baby and I’d like to give it to her.

  10. Charlene S. says

    I want to win because this would be a great addition to a baby shower gift basket I’m working on for my niece who is expecting her 1st child this Summer :)

  11. yana ryjova says

    Id love to win because there are a lot of babies in my life! All my friends have been haing kids recently.

  12. Kat H says

    I want this because its adorable and It would come in handy in Alaska. We are still having frosts and its always so tempting to throw a blankie in with my baby girl.

  13. lissa crane says

    I would love to win this for my sister who is having her first baby! She need everything since its her first and your review of this is great!

  14. says

    I have a great new niece just born who would love it and love the safety aspect of this. As a mom who is always about doing the little things to keep my kids happy and safe, this is fun!

  15. e michelle says

    would love to win for my great nephew coming in august get gets pretty cold where my niece lives and this would be a perfect lil thing for him!

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