Ultimate Blog Party 2014 Live Events

UBP 2014 Live Events

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UBP Live Events

Remember during the week long Ultimate Blog Party 2014, we have two LIVE events… Google Hangout on Air on Monday April 7th and a #UBP14 Twitter Party on Tuesday April 8th.

Both of these live events start at 9 pm Eastern and run for 1 hour.

Google+ Hangout Details:

Topic: “Strategies, Secrets and Sacrifices in Blogging & Social Media Success”.

When: Monday April 7th from 9:00pm until 10:00pm Eastern

Where: Click Here to RSVP on Google+.

Panelists: Amy Bellgardt, Melissa Culbertson Angela England, Christine Koh, Amy Mascott, and Audrey McClelland

Prizes: During the hangout, we will be giving away several books written by our awesome blogging panelists!

Click Here to RSVP on Google+

We’ve gathered together this phenomenal group of successful blogging women who have agreed to open up and let you see behind the curtain…

Janice and I are going to ask these ladies the tough questions that you want to know.

How Do You Do It?

We’re going to talk openly and honestly about…

  • Strategies – Tips, tools, business plans and more.
  • Secrets – What our days, lives and businesses really look like.
  • Sacrifices – Blogging and working at home is a blessing but it’s also full of challenges, mistakes and sacrifices.

Join us LIVE on Monday April 7th from 9:00pm until 10:00pm Eastern in this Google+ Hangout on Air.

Click Here to RSVP on Google+


Twitter Party Details:


Topic: “Balancing Blogging, Family Life & Privacy”

A Twitter Party to share ideas and helpful tips for blogging parents as well as talk about digital parenting and online safety tips.

When: Tuesday April 8th from 9:00pm until 10:00pm Eastern

Where: Hashtag #UBP14 on Twitter

Sponsor: @Qustodio

Panelists: Stacie H Connerty @StacieInAtlanta and Michelle Sutter @PowerbyMomBlog


Qustodio2 year subscription to Qustodio Premium for up to 10 devices/children.

10 Winners

Value: $89.95 Each

Description: Qustodio is the must-have digital parenting tool for your modern family. Ensure that your child benefits from all of the education and entertainment the Web offers without worrying about the dangers lurking behind the screen. Qustodio Premium makes digital parenting easier by allowing you to set time limits, monitor social networking activities, block dangerous apps, and receive detailed activity reports so you’re always informed about your child’s online behaviours. It’s the peace of mind you’ve been missing!

No RSVP Required for Twitter Party – Just join the conversation on Twitter with #UBP14.

Ensure you follow @5MinutesForMom, @Qustodio, @StacieInAtlanta, and @PowerbyMomBlog

Remember to RSVP for the Full #UBP14

The Google Hangout and Twitter Party are just part of the #UBP14 event. You don’t want to miss anything. Sign up to receive important reminders and prize information before, during and after the party…


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