Wellapets Game App Helps Kids Manage Asthma & $50 Amazon Gift Card #Giveaway

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This is a sponsored post to help spread the word about Wellapets.

My kids don’t have bad allergies or asthma, but of course we all know a child who does. Especially when allergies are extreme, I know that my friends feel more confident once their children are old enough to know what they can and cannot eat or touch or breathe.

The Wellapets are virtual pets, little dragons, who have asthma. By caring for them, kids learn how to care for their own asthma. Watch the preview video below:

I downloaded the app from the amazon app store onto my Kindle Fire (it’s also available for android on Google Play and of course at itunes). My 9 1/2 year old son tried it out, and I was honestly surprised how much he liked it. I asked him who he thought it would be good for, and he said, “Maybe 6 to 10 year olds?” I said, “What about people who have asthma?” The specific target audience had not even occurred to him! He just thinks it’s fun. I will say that if a child can’t read, he or she would need some help, but it’s pretty intuitive once someone shows them what is going on.

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His one complaint is that there’s a time limit on it. The pet can only breathe fire (and thus wipe out the smog to move to the next level) every 8 hours. However, in the meantime, you can decorate your room, which he enjoyed, or play the game where you slash the triggers but avoid slashing the inhalers (just like a ninja).

I will say that though he didn’t like this feature, I think that it’s helped the game to keep his interest. He returns each day to check on his Wellapet and face a new adventure. If he could have just played and played, he might have gotten tired of it more quickly.

The app is available right now for FREE for android, apple, and Kindle.

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  1. Betsy Barnes says

    Yes, my son developed Asthma when he was an infant. We worked with the doctors to make sure we could control the triggers, however, it seemed that colds or flu was his many trigger. He has pretty much out grew a lot of the rough symptoms, but still will have a flare up every now and then. I wish this would have been available 20 years ago, it certainly would have helped. I would use the gift card on various items to make Easter baskets. :)

  2. David says

    I do not know any children with asthma. I would use this gift card to buy housewares or other type things for the kitchen.

  3. Tiffany Greene Elliott says

    Yes my 8 yr old daughter has asthma and I think my 9 month old son might have it too!!
    I would probably spend it on something for my son’s 1st birthday that is coming up in July!
    Thank you!!

  4. Elle says

    Yes, I know a few children with asthma, actually and I’d spent the gift card on some new gardening tools for spring.

  5. Aly says

    A little boy at my son’s daycare has asthma, but that’s the only child that I know of that has it. I would probably use the giftcard to buy diapers. :)

  6. Carolsue says

    When my daughter was about 2 years old, she had an asthma attack so bad she had to be airlifted to Oakland Children’s Hospital. Now, 10 years later, she barely shows any signs of asthma! I would probably spend it on her — some books she’s been wanting.

  7. Heather B says

    Both my oldest and my youngest have asthma. My youngest’s is pretty severe. I would use the $50 Amazon card to buy my son the Crane Train Humidifier for his room. He recently started sleeping in his own room and we could really use a humidifier in his room to help with his asthma.

  8. Ellie W says

    Both of my grandsons have asthma. My 6 year old has severe asthma. This app will be great for him.
    I would use the GC for them some baseball gear.

  9. Mary Withrow says

    My children do not have Asthma, my children do have friends with Asthma. I think these games would be fantastic for education (in schools possibly) as well as doctor offices. I think this is a really great aid for children.

  10. Terra Heck says

    My 9 yoa nephew has asthma. He sometimes has to take breathing treatments for it. I’d use the gift card to get athletic socks and pants for my teenage son. Thanks.

  11. Neiddy says

    Some kids at my children’s school have asthma. I would use the gift card to buy summer essentials for my kids

  12. Jeanna says

    My daughter was just diagnosed with asthma. She’d love this game! I would use the gift card to buy her presents for her upcoming birthday!

  13. Natalie says

    My mom is a teacher and knows 2 kids with exercise induced asthma. I will spend this gift card on a present for my mom.

  14. Vickie Couturier says

    my son had asthma and his little boy has asthma,,id use the gift card to buy something for the grandson

  15. samantha wagner says

    I don’t know a child that has asthma, but my brother does. I would most likely get something for my kids

  16. stacey b says

    Yes, my son has asthma and actually had to miss school today because of it :( We’d use the gift card towards a purchase of amazon instant video subscription

  17. Nicole Sender says

    Yes, I know children with asthma. It can be a very scary and life altering disease. I will spend the card on a Mother’s Day gift!

  18. Rod Jackson says

    Yes the grandkids have allergies and we could use a new hepa filter so that’s how I would spend the money.

  19. Vivian S says

    I did have classmates growing up with asthma. Thank god my kids don’t. I would get some new shoes for my kids.

  20. Tammy S says

    My nephew has asthma. He can keep it under contrl most of the time. He does have to carry his inhaler with him though.

  21. Natasha Areena says

    I do not know any children that has asthma, but a lot of my friends have.
    I would buy shirts. It has been awhile since I bought a new one.

  22. says

    My nephews have asthma and it’s been very scary for the family when they go into the hospital.

    I would spend the money on chalk, spray bottles, art supplies and other fun things for this summer! Have to get ready to bring on the heat and the lazy days!

  23. Brittany says

    I don’t know anyone with asthma
    I not sure what I would spend the gc on yet, maybe some summer toys for the kids or maybe something new for myself.

  24. Karen Lynch says

    My daughter once had a severe sinus infection which was making her borderline asthmatic when she was a toddler. But no problems since, she is now almost sixteen.

  25. says

    Yes, my oldest son (9) has asthma! I will probably spend my gift card on groceries since I order allergy friendly foods from Amazon every month (foods that are hard to fine local).

  26. latoya says

    One of my little cousins has asthma, but with his inhaler its pretty much under control…I think I would use the gift card to buy some of the books on my wishlist.

  27. 1955nurse says

    Yes, grandkids w/asthma & allergies! This looks really interesting… & I’d spend the GC on… the Grandkids, of course! TY4 the chance….

  28. David H says

    No I don’t know anyone who has asthma. I would probably use the gift card towards some books on film.

  29. Margaret Smith says

    No, I don’t know a child with Asthma. I would use the gift card towards buying some headphones for my two sons.

  30. susan wiener says

    I don’t know a child with asthma, but my friend has it, unfortunately. I’d buy something for her that she would like to lift her spirits.

  31. Charlotte Winters says

    No, my son had croup when he was little a couple of times. Croup was scary enough! I love buying books and gifts for my family on Amazon.

  32. Hillary D says

    My sister has asthma. I would spend the gift card to help out with the kitchen remodel that we will be doing soon.

  33. Emily Morelli says

    I do not personally know a child with asthma. I would buy some of our gluten free favorites with the gift card if I won

  34. Susan Robbins says

    One of my three children has asthma and it has caused a lot of worry. I would like to buy an air purifier.

  35. CharityS says

    My son doesn’t suffer from asthma, but he does suffer from a severe case of allergies. I would buy a book for my son.

  36. sharon says

    my husband had asthma as a child – exercise induced. he had an inhaler but sometimes would get made fun of for using it. :( i would use the amazon card on vitamins and health supplies for the home, and maybe a new book!

  37. Alicia Thibadeau says

    I don’t know a child with asthma, and I will probably spend the gc on upcoming birthday presents.

  38. Alecia says

    While I don’t know a kid with asthma, my cousin has asthma. He had a really bad attack once when we were kids and had to go to the hospital in an ambulance. If I win, I will use the gift card to buy a water flosser. I’ve had my eye on one of those for a couple months now and can’t wait to finally be able to buy it.

  39. Theresa Jenkins says

    Yes, my youngest daughter’s best friened’ son has asthma … and I think I’ll keep this as a birthday present to me

  40. Holly W says

    Yes my best friends son has Asthma & he has had a reel rough life. I would buy my daughter something nice for her birthday.

  41. Anastasia says

    I don’t know any children with asthma. I would use this gift card on a birthday present for my daughter :)

  42. Lisa V. says

    I don’t know any children with asthma, but my boyfriend has it. I would probably buy something for my daughter’s bridal shower.

  43. MaryAnn says

    Yes it runs in my family. Both of my children have it and I would probably by swimsuits for us to take on our summer vacation.

  44. Crystal F says

    I do not. My daughter does use an inhaler but it’s for allergies. She swallows it instead of inhaling it. I would use the gift card for sandals for both of my girls. Thank you!

  45. John Stetson says

    I don’t know any children with asthma. Amazon has so many book and this gift card would let me add a few more to my Kindle.

  46. Laura J says

    My niece has asthma. She comes over to play a two or three times a week with Carter. This would be great to help not only my niece, but also Carter who doesnt understand whats happenening when she is having a hard time breathing and needs her inhaler. With the giftcard I would buy a windmill for Carter! He is in love with windmills and wind turbines…would love to get one of the small ones for our backyard!

  47. Denise B. says

    I have known of children with autism but not actually know them. I would add the gift card to my Amazon.com gift card balance. I am saving up for a new kitchen set.

  48. Stephen Saunders says

    I don’t know anyone with asthma right now. I think I have a cousin who used to have it as a kid. I’d use the gift card towards gifts.

  49. Carla says

    I don’t know a child who has it, but I had it as a child, & was in the hospital a lot. I would spend my gift card on some DVDs

  50. Alona Y says

    I don’t know any children with asthma, but I had quite a few friends as a kid who did. I would use this on my baby girl and something special for myself.

  51. tracy Hutchinson says

    I was a child with asthma and I am now adult with asthma. And I will spend the gift card on my husbands bday present

  52. Cindy Merrill says

    I don’t know of anyone who has asthma, I would use the gift code to buy some Glucerna products on amazon.com.

  53. Kim H says

    My son has asthma. He was diagnosed at 18months. He is 18 now and rarely has an issue with it any longer. I will spend the money on books

  54. kim says

    I have asthma and both of my grandsons have asthma too! as to what I spend my giftcard on if I won it would probably be groceries

  55. McKim says

    My son and my grandson both have asthma. I would use the card to get some books for my daughter’s classroom.

  56. Jacob LaFountaine says

    I don’t know anybody who is dealing with asthma. I would spend it on Star Trek TNG Season 6 Blu-ray

  57. Mary Cloud says

    I don’t know a child with asthma and I’d use the card to buy my kids something great
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  58. Theresa Jenkins says

    my daughters best friend son and 2 of my Husbands cousin have a form of asthma …..I’d use the GC towards a gift for my Mom 85th birthday

  59. Kelly Ignatowicz says

    I have asthma and have a tough time chasing my very healthy (thank God) 2-year old. Being a stay at home mom, I would spend the money at my local park places on activities to do with my little girl!

  60. Carolyn Daley says

    I have friends and family with asthma, but I do not know any kids with asthma. I would use the gift card to buy my nephew some new clothes and a book or toy.

  61. Jennifer Reed says

    I do not personally know a child with asthma. I would use this gift card on school supplies for next year.

  62. Barb Stenby says

    all three of my nieces have asthma. I would give the gift card to my son to shop with. He would probably buy something for prom

  63. Brian E. says

    Thanks for the giveaway…we do not know any kids with asthma, but one of our good friends suffers from it.

  64. Buddy Garrett says

    At the moment I don’t know a child with asthma but my cousin died from an asthma attack and a classmate hade asthma. I would give the gift certificate to our daughter who is in college. She is always needin g things for school.

  65. clynsg says

    It is beginning to look as if my youngest grandchild might have asthma. Not diagnosed as yet, but some problems at a very young age. She is still in diapers so would use the card for that!

  66. TeKela Underwood says

    Yes, I know a child with asthma. My daughter, now age 17 has had asthma since she was 9 months old. It was the most frightening day of my life. As far as what I’d spend the gift card on, I wouldn’t spend it myself. However, I will give it to my daughter. She has been a great kid and I would want her to get whatever her heart desires.

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