Damon Braces 15 Month Update – My Smile One Year Later #damondiva

Jennifer here to talk about the wonderful Damon Smile braces that are helping transform my smile. I was provided a full treatment experience and compensated to share my progress with you, however all opinions remain my own.

The other day I headed to the orthodontist for my eight week orthodontic check-up appointment. I started thinking back to the very first post I shared with you about getting braces and how excited I was to finally be taking steps toward the smile of my dreams. This past week marked 15 months since I’ve had Damon Smile braces and SO many changes have taken place.


Me and My beautiful smile

Going into this appointment was a little different for me. I had a severe crossbite my entire life and my orthodontist, Dr. Brad Mills, said it might be completely corrected at this appointment. My teeth have been a bit stubborn and he had to use rubber bands, extra wires, chains—not real chains; it’s an orthodontic term for a ‘chain’ of elastics that link each bracket to the next—to get these teeth of mine to line up properly.

Me and Dr Mills

I love how attentive Dr. Mills is! He always takes time to explain everything that he is doing and what results I can expect to see. It’s a big confidence booster for me!

At this appointment, Dr. Mills decided it was time to pull out the heavy artillery and place a rubber band across my teeth in a diagonal position. He also placed a chain on my bottom teeth to help them shift, so that my top center line and my bottom center line will finally line up correctly.

Now, like I said, a chain is not really a metal chain. It is just a rubber chain that orthodontists use to pull teeth into place when they are being stubborn—which mine have been!


Me in the chair

Hopefully by summer my braces will be removed, and I’ll be able to show you the amazing Damon smile that is left in its place.

Unrelated to braces, I still have a couple of cosmetic dental issues to correct, but by the time everything is said and done the smile I have always longed for will be mine.

And, it’s all thanks to Damon Smile. The treatment is fast, comfortable and has completely transformed my life.

Don’t wait to change your smile! You can visit the Damon Smile website today to find an orthodontist in your area and make a consultation appointment.

Don’t be like me and wait because you think braces are too expensive or that you are too old. That is the beauty of the Damon Smile system. The high-tech braces are made for everyone— young and old. It’s never too late to get the smile you’ve always longed for!


Damon-Divas-Badge-1024x839-400x327I’m a Damon Diva and am being compensated for my time and will be treated with the Damon System and sharing that experience with you.


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