5 Minute Fitness Ideas

We would all like to be in shape and eating healthy right? But sometimes we are so busy, that we let eating healthy and exercise be what is pushed to the back burner.

5 Minute Fitness TIps full


Here are four 5 minute ideas:

Get up and walk/run in place. Even for just a few minutes this will get your heart pumping and your your blood flowing. You’ll feel energized and if you work at a desk or sitting all day your legs will have a chance to stretch and move.

Work or Stay at home mom? Take a 5 minute break and play catch or tag with the kids. All of you will benefit from the break of chores, homework, work, etc. plus it’s a nice fun interaction with the kids.

In the spring or summer, go outside and weed your garden or flower beds for 5 minutes. Fresh air & sunshine will do you good.

Take 5 minutes and breathe deep and stretch. Deep breathing will calm you and help you to focus and the stretching will relieve cramped muscles.

Being a busy mom can make it tough to get in exercise, but even taking a few minutes to get your heart pumping or stretch your muscles out is better than nothing.

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    Such a great idea and it’s so true that you can still keep active even if you’re a busy mum. I find pushing my double buggy around much cheaper than a gym membership! And re catching a ball, I’ve just started playing cricket with my 3 and 5 year old which is a great way to get the odd 5 minutes activity in.

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