Win a Trip to Tresemme Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!

I’ve only been to one fashion show…but it was a good one! I was 8. I was in Paris with my parents. The fashion show was held at an old building in Paris. The fashion show was part of a conference that my dad was attending. Sadly, I can’t remember the designer. I can’t even remember any of the fashions or the models. What I do remember is that I wore my favorite party dress. I had to stand on a chair to see the models on the runway as we were in the back. I’m sure we sat so far back as my mother was probably worried my sister and I would cause a scene. She says we were mesmerized by the girls in their pretty dresses.

Are you constantly inspired by the styles and fashions coming off the catwalk? I’m not a fashionista by any means, but even I am intrigued by what I see on the catwalks. I want to know what the latest fashion trends of the season will be even if I probably won’t wear any of them. If you love seeing the styles and fashions of the catwalk, TRESemme® and Walgreens wants to send you to September 2014 Mercedes-Benz Fall Fashion Week!   All you need to do is visit the TRESemme Fashion Sweeps site. The Tresemme Fashion Sweeps contest runs from 2/6–3/9. You can register for a chance to win a $4,500 AMEX gift card plus two invitations to Mercedes-Benz Fall Fashion Week from TRESemme®!  

There are a few ways to get registered. You can:

Are you ready for the catwalk? Get an exclusive peek at the latest in fashion with TRESemme® at Walgreens and learn how to recreate your favorite styles and get a sneak peek of the latest trends right off the runway. Visit TRESemme’s YouTube page to get your expert hair care advice.

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