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5 Minutes for Mom contributor, Bonnie Way, is here to quench your thirst…
This is a sponsored post, but our opinions are our own.

Water is an essential part of maintaining good health.  I know this, but I’m not very good at drinking enough water everyday.  I often get busy, too focused on other things, like getting my girls something to drink and not taking a second to grab a drink for myself.  This is especially true when I’m dashing out the door to a 3-hour class and don’t have time to make myself tea or fill a water bottle.

Vitamins are equally important for good health and again, this is an area where it can be hard to ensure I’m getting enough.  If all of us ate a perfectly balanced diet, then sure, we’d probably have all the vitamins we need.  Busy lives interfere here too.  Karma Wellness Water has an answer to both of these problems.  Get your water and your vitamins in one delicious drink!

Karma Wellness Water “transforms pristine spring water into wellness water, creating positive effects for your mind, body, spirit, balance, and vitality.”  As the name suggests, they want to encourage you to do something positive and to get something positive in return.  Drink some water today and do something for yourself!

Transform water to wellness

Karma Wellness Water is unique because they keep vitamins and minerals separate from the water in a special cap, where they stay fresh until you are ready to have a drink.  I thought it was cool to push the button and watch my nutrients burst into my water.  The cap is also UV proof, so if the water is sitting in a sunny storefront before you buy it, the sun won’t destroy your vitamins.

I was super excited to try this water.  It comes in five delicious varieties, which each serve a different function.  For example, the pineapple coconut (which was the first one I tried—I love pina colada!) is called Vitality and offers healthy hydration.  It includes a natural source of caffeine, an anti-aging element, important minerals such as calcium and magnesium and Vitamins A, B, D and E.  Balance will help boost your immune system; Body helps accelerate fitness; Spirit is a mood elevator; and Mind helps with sharper thinking (I should grab some of that for my next exam!).

Each of these waters tasted great.  When I first tasted Vitality, I checked the ingredients, because it left a slight aftertaste that reminded me of artificial sweeteners.  This water is sweet, but Karma uses stevia, a natural sweetener.  The Karma website explains that “Stevia is a sugar substitute. Derived from the leaves of an herb native to South America, stevia is a healthier option than table sugar because it is 300 times sweeter (meaning we have to use much less of it!) and contains zero calories.”  Sounds good to me!

If you’re looking for a healthy way to quench your thirst and get your daily dose of vitamins, grab a bottle of Karma!  You can find Karma at your local 7Eleven, Mac’s, Co-op, Shoprite, Quickway, and more (see the website for other stores who stock Karma or to order online).

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This is a sponsored post, but our opinions are our own.

Written by 5 Minutes for Mom contributor Bonnie Way.


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    Thanks Bonnie for sharing about your experience with Karma Wellness Water. We at VegThisWay love products that help support healthy eating and healthy lifestyle choices. It’s always great learning about products that are healthy while still tasting good.

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