Dove® is Up in Arms About the Armpit

by Jennifer Donovan

5M4M contributor Jennifer Donovan is here to help Dove® get out the word about armpit skin care. We were compensated for this post, but all opinions remain our own.

When I think of the Dove® brand, two things come to mind: moisture and health. Especially as we get older, healthy skin is moisturized skin. In addition, I love the fun and inspirational spirit of the Dove® branding, encouraging women to love themselves while highlighting real beauty.


Does that surprise you? When we shave, we are actually scraping away our skin along with those hairs. With Spring coming, we want to be sure our pits aren’t pitiful.

Using Dove® deodorant after shaving soothes your skin and protects against odor and wetness for 24 hours.


There are things that are a must when I’m buying deodorant. Dove® fits the bill:

  • Scent — not too strong, but something fresh and clean
  • Feels good when it goes on, not too sticky
  • Invisible solid that won’t rub off on clothes
  • Odor protection, of course!


We were compensated for this post, but all opinions remain our own.

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