Television is learning with “What’s Your News?” {$500 #Giveaway}

To our Canadian friends, this one’s for you! Check out this fabulous educational TV show for your kids and enter to win $500 in educational toys. This is a sponsored post.

There are many television shows out there for kids.

Most can occupy your child for a time with songs or funny characters, but how many of them actually involve and even feature your child?

What’s Your News, a CBC Kids’ allows your child to be a part of a television show that is all about kids. CBC’s “What’s Your News?” is an award-winning children’s series that brings pre-school children all the news from their very own pre-school worlds. The news comes from kids growing up in Canada’s many diverse communities from Thorncliffe Park in Toronto to Iqaluit in Canada’s far north.

In its second season on CBC, a Canadian network, What’s Your News? has created a show that follows the standard news format and puts ants in charge!  These tiny anchormen cover the world of kids’ news and even include weather and traffic updates, all from the perspective of a preschooler

From the arrival of a new pet, to a child’s personal talent, or the simple activity of visiting the park, all of What’s Your News? stories are real and relatable for kids. This real news from pre-school children does not use professional actors and was co-created and producer by Larry Mirkin, whose history in children’s television dates back to his work on Fraggle Rock with Jim Henson.

The show’s entertaining characters of Grant, an ant, and Antony, an anteater who thinks he’s an ant, field calls from children who share their news.

Filled with fun headlines each show highlights photographs of real children, who have supplied this news. In every episode, What’s Your News? also shows videos of real stories (not interviews) sent in to the studio by children who watch the show. What could be better than watching a show where your own child can be featured? Imagine your kids creating their very own news! Across Canada there are kids doing just that.  

Visit the What’s Your News? website to learn more or catch some episodes online.

$500 Prize Giveaway

CBC wants to reward one Canadian viewer with a $500 gift certificate to educational kids’ toy store Mastermind Toys!

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  1. says

    I love what kids have to say and I think kids would love hearing other kids exciting news – getting a pet is pretty exciting news for kids :)

  2. says

    Daughter is already a fan of this show..she started watching it when she was wee…and has loved the idea of sharing ‘her’ news and now we all have to watch HER news

  3. Jeannie says

    I think my kids would love this show because it’s cute and my kids love to always share their news with anyone and everyone.

  4. says

    Love Kids CBC programming and Discovery Toys – what a great contest and combo. Plus kids say the darndest things and as hosts they are awesome.

  5. Sonya Morris says

    My husband always watches the news and this would be a great way for my little girl to have her own show with the news.

  6. heidi c. says

    This show sounds adorable! I am certain my two little guys will enjoy watching “the news” just like Mommy and Daddy!

  7. amber y says

    The show sounds super cute and will probably help them see relationships between the “kids news” when they’re kids and “adult news” as they get older. Plus kids are very monkey see monkey do and will love to have their own news show.

  8. Soozle says

    This sounds like a really fun show for kids while teaching them about the ‘adult’ news and how it works.. Very different then other things out there :)

  9. Amy Heffernan says

    All i can say is LOVE LOVE LOVE! Its educational fun and a great learning tool. My 4 year old could really benefit from this. Thank you!

  10. Marlene V. (Enelram) says

    I really like the show’s anchormen the ant called Grant and Antony, an anteater who thinks he’s an ant. My kids would love them!

  11. Suzanne G says

    This show sounds something that would be interesting to the kids as it is so adorable sounding with an ant and an anteater as co-hosts. It is about real kids so I know they would think that is great.

  12. Amanda Hoffman says

    my son would love this and his news would be saying new words and soon going potty for the first time on the toilet

  13. Dale Steele Nicolov says

    I think my grandchildren would love this show and use their imaginations to create their own scenarios about what they would say on this show.I think it would be wonderful to have more shows that encourage children to use their imaginations!

  14. Jennifer L says

    I love this idea – and am excited to introduce my daughter to it, because it seems like it would make kids feel important, and talk about things that seem relevant to them.

  15. Jennifer L says

    My daughter and I watched “Broken Ankle” and I think what she took away from it was a greater sense of empathy!

  16. jessi jones says

    My son loves to do whatever Daddy does and Daddy watches / listens to CBC all the time. Watching this show is my sons version of CBC.

  17. Nicole Gervais says

    Kids feel that they arn’t important this will give them something to relate to. Awesome! Thanks guys great giveaway

  18. ea hatcher says

    its important to have conversation points with your children – to get them to share their ideas and feelings – this is a great way of sharing accomplishments – what we as parents think is important might not be the highlight of your child’s day or week – this allows for their perspective

  19. Marijo Watt says

    I love What’s Your News, it’s a great show making learning fun. It captures and keeps kids attentions and it’s so cute and fun!

  20. says

    It is hard to find a educational show that captures a child’s attention but this show has done it so well the children do not even know they are learning most of the time.

  21. kristen visser says

    i would absolutely LOVE to watch this with my daughter. i have never heard of “whats your news” until now and what a fabulous idea! its educational and gets children involved. so clever!

  22. Monique L.S. says

    My daughter is a bit too young for this show right now, but I would let her watch in the future. I like that the show is geared around children and their interests. It can show my daughter what other children are experiencing.

  23. Audrey Skinner says

    I am excited for my great-nephew to watch this program. He is always interested in watching the news with us but this would be more his speed and I think he would really enjoy the stories and would learn a great deal.

  24. patty says

    If my son is going to watch TV I want it to be educational rather than brain numbing. Thank you for offering this option for our kids!

  25. Laurie B says

    I love this! I think its important for kids to interact like this and to have something that is adapted to their age is perfect.

  26. Laurie B says

    I watched the “swimming one”. I learned that they use the kids as experts rather then “real” experts. Thats such a great idea so the kids dont feel ‘so little’ or unequal.

  27. says

    I’d love to introduce this to my girls because I think my oldest would able to relate to some of the kids they interview, I know she enjoys watching real kids on tv.

  28. says

    We watched the Hampster episode. They interviewed Aeyla, a young girl who lives in an apartment building, about taking care of her class hampster for the weekend. They also interviewed Charlotte who knew how to jump on a pogo stick.

  29. Alia Guimond says

    I think this is a great show to help children broadcast things that important or special to them. It also introduces things that often are important in the lives of others.

  30. Jane says

    I think it will be fun for her to see what kids are doing and to feel like she is watching something news worthy. At this points the kids would be ‘big kids’ to her.

  31. sarah jackson says

    I really love that this educational program makes learning fun by using situations that children can understand and relate too ! there were examples used like some one can kick a ball really far or getting a new pet , these are things that are great news for kids ! as adults we tend to forget that , I really what the show promotes !

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