Fun Family Date Night

by Anna

Friday night’s are supposed to be family night in our house. But between grandparents, aunts & cousins, and friends from school there are a lot of Friday night’s were Mr. Right and I are home alone. Which is usually ok with us, we will either go out on a date ourselves or we will rent a movie (or peruse netflix) and stay in.

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But about once a month I like the kids to stay home on a Friday and rent a family movie that we either haven’t seen in a long time or something that the kids haven’t seen at all. Sometimes we do other things with the kids but for the most part this is our standard family date night.

A Family Date Night always includes a extra family friendly meal. Our favorites are chicken of some sort (popcorn chicken or chicken strips) & french fries, or little smokies with BBQ Sauce and mashed potatoes.

Dessert and a “movie snack” are two very different things don’tcha know? Dessert is right after the kitchen is cleaned up from dinner (ridiculous I know) and is a special treat such as ice cream sundaes, rice krispies treats,  sherbet, cookies, nutella crescents, or something similar.

A “movie snack” is always popcorn that we eat at the beginning of the movie. We have two HUGE plastic popcorn containers and it would take an entire box of popcorn to fill it up but the kids love using them.

In our house both dessert and a “movie snack” are a requirement for Family Date Night.

Other fun things we’ve done for Family Date Night is:

  • Minor league baseball game
  • Mini golf
  • New movie in the theater
  • A park or the playground at the lake
  • Board game night
  • Duck Dynasty Marathon

Family Date Night doesn’t have to cost you a fortune either. I never leave the house without searching the web for valid coupons first, and sometimes we will decide what to do based on a coupon I find.

What do you do for Family Date Night?

Is Family Date Night something that you do regularly or is it more sporadic?

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1 Josh Trenser January 31, 2014 at 7:38 am

Anna, thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts about this!! Now I know I have to try more to incorporate family date nights into my life so I can become closer with them.

Thank again and all the best to you!!!


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