5 Ways to Show Your Love Daily

When we love someone, we are comfortable with them. When we are comfortable with someone, we fall into a routine. When we fall into a routine, we forget to do special or meaningful acts of love for them. We say, “I love you” the way we would say, “Hi,” or “Goodbye.”  It becomes a ritual.

Show Love Daily


SHOWING love is as important as speaking our love.

SHOWING love requires purpose and planning and intentionality.

SHOWING love daily requires discipline.

There are many ways to show our loved ones we care.  Some are elaborate and some are simple.  Here are a few easy ways to make SHOWING our love a daily practice.

Using the five senses, something we all use DAILY, we can be reminded to SHOW love.

1. See

Your countenance is an excellent way to SHOW your love.  A smile says a lot.  Look people in the eye when they talk to you.  Engage your facial expression in response to what they do and say.  Let them read the words, “I love you” in your eyes and smile, rather than merely hearing them from your lips!

2. Hear

Say nice things.  That sounds so simple, and it is.  More than saying I love you, we can say, “I respect you,” “You look great,” “I appreciate the way you did ________.”  Or, we can ask questions to show our love, “How was your day?”, “What can I help you with?”, “What would YOU like to do?”

3. Taste

Food is a great way to show love.  You can cook a favorite meal or buy a special treat.  You can have a snack waiting for tired or discouraged family and friends.  You can take a meal to a family in need.  Filling bellies is a tasty way to show your love!

4. Touch

Make or purchase a gift just because.  You don’t need to wait for a special occasion or a holiday to give presents.  Picking up a coloring book at the dollar store or a unique item in a clearance bin can bring a smile to someone’s day.  Making a card, cleaning a room, or doing an unpleasant task for someone is a wonderful way to demonstrate love through action.

5. Smell

Experience something with the one you love.  Get outdoors!  Smell the sea air, or the pine trees, or the desert sand.  Plan an activity they love.  Smell the race gas at the track, the cotton candy at the fair, the horses at a local farm, or the fish you catch from the river.  Participate with your loved one, even if it isn’t YOUR favorite activity.  This will show them how much you care.

Our five senses help us to understand the world around us.  We can use these senses as reminders to SHOW our love daily, rather than merely reciting three words.  Let’s turn those words into actions!


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