Kids Tell It Like It Is – Ditch the Diet Go On a #TryIt

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Do your kids “tell it like it is”? I know mine sure do.

It seems like they are always telling people things that I thought they were oblivious to and either embarrassing me or leaving me scrambling to explain what I really meant by something!

I think kids are much more observant than we give them credit for. Maybe I should invent a filter to catch what I don’t want them repeating a little too honestly?! What mom (or anyone that has kids) wouldn’t want or need that occasionally?

Lean cuisine

No matter what, kids are going to tell it like it is – and grown-ups’ diet is no exception. Stop depriving yourself and start digging in with Lean Cuisine!

Have a laugh while you watch this fun video… and then tell us if your kids would say anything similar.



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    Hi found you on twitter… love your blog. I to love country living .I live way up North 15 min. from the Canadian border. temp. here today is -15 going to -35 tonight.. BRRR… I make primitive crafts and love to talk about health to anyone who will listen. I sell the Crazy wraps and the supplements. lol Looking forward to reading more.

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