All I want to do is watch Glee…

by Janice

This fall, I hadn’t watched one single scene of a new series or sitcom, my TiVo had been untouched, my couch unvisited. All I had done was work, travel, and parent.

But the other night, my tweeps called me on my madness — they told me to stop right that moment and realign my priorities. They told me to watch Glee.

GleeI had caught the pilot last spring and was completely hooked. I had wanted to watch this season — so badly — but I just hadn’t given in. I had kept tied to my laptop, refusing to be distracted by the TV.

But that night on Twitter, I listened to my friends’ advice. I found the Canadian network that offers Glee episodes online, (yes – did you know we Canadians can’t even WATCH the shows online on US sites?!?) and I watched Glee.

And I fell in love.

I think it would be impossible to not love Glee. It is brilliant and beautiful in every way. Even the villians are hysterical — in fact, I think they may be the funniest of all the characters.

Tonight, I have posts to write and emails to answer. It is 11:30pm and I am painfully tired. But all I want to do is watch Glee.

Glee is a treat that makes your whole day happier. It makes you giddy and excited to be alive.

The only downside is it makes you want — NEED — more Glee.

THANKS to my Glee-loving Tweeps: @jessicaknows, @annisamayhew, @petit_elefant and @looneytunes

YOUR TURN: What about YOU? What are you watching this season? Have you fallen for Glee?

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