Curb Your Hunger with HungerShield

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Working from home causes me to do something I hate more than anything — eat almost non stop. The thing is — I am not really that hungry when I eat. It is just mindless eating while I work away on my laptop.

I was recently sent HungerShield Product to try out. It is a lemony flavored drink that helps curb your hunger and takes away your desire to snack all day long.


After I made my first glass of this, I realized it was WAY too lemony, so I took the advice of the rep and mixed it with some tea, which made a huge difference. I really liked the fact that it kept me feeling full without any side effects.

Developed by RDs, HungerShield offers a delicious, portable & natural blend of fiber, protein & probiotics to control appetite & promote digestive health.

This unique blend of protein, fiber and probiotics contains all FDA approved ingredients and was designed by nutritionists to help control your appetite.

How to Take HungerShield

For optimal results, each serving of HungerShield powder should be added to at least 12-16 ounces of water and consumed 1 to 2 times per day. Drink HungerShield between meals or at your habitual “snack time” to satisfy your hunger without adding extra calories.

HungerShield was created by highly trained and experienced Registered Dietitians using their years of expertise to develop a product that is practical, safe, and uses ingredients that have been proven to promote weight loss. While other weight loss products use artificial sweeteners and ingredients, HungerShield is made froml natural ingredients. The unique combination of protein, fiber and probiotics set it apart from other products by helping you lose weight, while contributing to your daily fiber and water intake as well as helping to promote a healthy GI system.

A box of HungerShield will run you around $35, but is definitely worth the cost since it helps you cut down on all that crazy snacking that we do!

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What products do you like to use to curb your hunger?



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    I need to try this out. I am a huge snacker especially in the evening while at the computer once kids are in bed. I need to fit in a wedding dress and I keep gaining instead of losing weight.

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    HungerShield sounds good, but I’m sticking with my favorite appetite suppressant, water. I lost 60 pounds a few years ago on the Bead Diet and the only way I’m keeping the weight off is by drinking a lot of H20. Often I find that when I’m tempted to snack, what my body is really telling me is that it’s thirsty. If I”m still hungry after downing 8 ounces of agua, then I know I was, indeed, hungry.

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