Protect your iPhone Investment with DriSuit

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Cell phones are often our constant companions.  They serve as our means of communication, our cameras, our internet access, and much more. Keeping our phones protected is important if they are going to be available for our use. Even everyday use of a cell phone can be hazardous.  Our phones are exposed to hard surfaces and wet areas constantly, all hazards for our phones.


Thankfully, driSuit has created the Guardian waterproof case to keep your iPhone safe during everyday use.

This case:

  • protects your phone in any weather condition.
  • Is waterproof up to five meters deep.
  • comes with a fully integrated headphone jack.
  • sports a simple-to-use bottom latch system for safety and security.
  • single screen technology.
  • enhanced audio quality.
  • offers shock protection.

An iPhone is an investment that you want to protect.  The driSuit Guardian is designed to do exactly that. The Guardian case is available in black or white and can be used to protect your phone in rain, snow, mud, dust or sand. So whether you are out for a jog in the rain or accidentally drop your phone in the toilet, your iPhone is protected.


The driSuit Guardian is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast or for everyday use.  Check out the driSuit website for more information on this innovative new product. It will be available for purchase on January 2nd, 2014!

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