Celebrate Baby this Christmas with Babies “R” Us’ Baby’s First Christmas

Contributing writer, Stacey, was invited to attend an in-store event as part of this sponsored campaign with Babies “R” Us. All opinions below are her own.

That first year after bringing your new baby home cam seem like a blur. Between feedings at all hours of the night and literally cruising through the rolling/sitting/crawling/walking stages, it all goes so fast! But there is something absolutely magical about Baby’s First Christmas!

Through three kids, Baby’s First Christmas seems to be the one milestone memory that is crystal clear in my mind. Maybe it’s the magic of the season or maybe it’s because we relive those memories every year as we place those “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments on the tree. Either way, I love it!

This year Babies “R” Us is celebrating those first Christmas memories with their Baby’s First Christmas event!


This in-store event allows you to connect with other parents celebrating a ‘first Christmas’ while checking out adorable “First Christmas” items like outfits, ornaments, and Christmas pjs!


I took my son with me to one of the events at our local Babies “R” Us and he took right to shopping for Christmas dresses for his two new baby cousins and, apparently, thought he should pick himself up a new Christmas outfit as well!


At the “Baby’s First Christmas” event you’ll also pick up some great samples, an adorable craft to do with your little one, and enter to win some prizes. You’ll even go home with $10 Babies “R” Us gift card to get you started on your Christmas shopping!

To find out more about the “Baby’s First Christmas” event at Babies “R” Us on December 7, just visit their website or check your local store for details!

And to all you parents who are celebrating your baby’s first Christmas, congratulations and soak it all in!

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