Discover the Truth of True Love #DisneyFrozen

by Susan

Frozen crushes the formulaic story of “happily ever after” and instead tells a captivating tale of the truest love.

Disney Frozen - Discover the Truth of True Love

This Disney Princess movie is unlike any before. Just like the characters in the story, the movie’s makers have learned from the past and finally celebrate with a wiser audience the truth about true love.

The script explores self-awareness and the plot is carried forward by strong, independent female characters.

My only disappointment is in the animation of the characters. The princesses are unnecessarily thin with ridiculously large eyes that are distractingly obvious statements suggesting unattainable beauty. But at least the creators make an attempt to show the imperfect side of beauty as Anna wakes with slobber dripping and messy hair.

While you and your children laugh at the fun snowman and hold your breath on the treacherous journey with Anna, you’ll feel the strong messages of the movie.

  • Life is beautiful and messy at the same time. It’s full of mistakes from which we can learn and transform into happiness.
  • Sometimes we trust the wrong people and get horribly hurt. But we are not broken.
  • We must use our powers and not hide them away. Hiding our true selves will only hurt those we love and stop us from discovering the depth of our talents.

Frozen is shockingly unpredictable. You’re carried along with the story without anticipating the next scene.

While such a movie clearly will have a happy ending, Frozen is cleverly constructed to finish with a profound and truly beautiful message.

You will love this movie and you’ll be thrilled to share it with your children.

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Disclosure: We were not compensated to write this post and I paid for myself and my family to see the movie. However, we do often attend Disney media events.
Written by Susan Carraretto, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom
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1 Bonnie Way January 11, 2014 at 10:56 pm

We LOVED this movie. So much fun with lots of great music. I suspected Hans from the moment that Anna left him in charge and knew that the ending would have something to do with Elsa and Anna’s love for each other, but there were some great twists in the story. I doubt we’ll ever see a “real” Disney princess with acne or weight issues or thin hair, but How to Train Your Dragon did have a handicapped hero so maybe someday it will happen. We are seeing more strong female-centered movies from Disney with Frozen and Brave and that’s positive (the princesses made their own endings, instead of waiting for a prince to come along and kiss it better). :)


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