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Tired of writing hardly legible notes on scrap paper for the babysitter or sending last-minute notes to your child’s teacher on a napkin from your car’s glove box? It’s time to get organized and have fun with Permission pads.

Permission pads are stylish, convenient, affordable.  They can add a little sanity and organization to hectic mornings.  Moms can choose from the in-stock pads or can completely customize their own pad with their child’s name, phone number, and their own dismissal choices.

Whether you are leaving notes for a babysitter, excusing your child from school early, or sending encouragement to your students, Permission Pads has an easy way for you to do it!

The pads come in numerous styles that will appeal to your child’s interests and can be purchased in a notepad or magnetic form for your convenience. The in-stock pads have every option you need as an easy-to-use checkbox, right on the page for your convenience.  That’s one less thing for us busy moms to remember!

I really loved the babysitter pad.  I had been writing my notes in a notebook and trying to remember all of the information I needed to leave while also trying to find a central location to place the notebook where the sitter could find it.  The Permission Pads magnetic back allowed me to leave it in a highly-visible, easily-accesible, and out-of-reach for children location.  In addition, it made my life easier by reminding me of the key information I needed to leave my sitter.

The fun colors and designs make writing notes enjoyable and the notes are highly visible for those who will be receiving them.


Not only are these pads perfect for you, but they would make a great gift for your child’s teacher or your friends with little ones.


In addition to the individual pads, Permission Pads also provides fundraising opportunities.  Many parents spend hours upon hours organizing bake sales, garage sales, and more to help their schools earn money, but with minimal results.  Doing a Permission Pad fundraiser is not only easy, but can bring in a lot of money.

You can learn more on their facebook page, or follow Permission pads on twitter or pinterest.

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  1. Melissa Nagy says

    I love the Honeybee pads. I can think of many occasions where I could have used these. I almost always forget a vital piece of information in my notes to people.

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