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Michelle of Honest & Truly!, a 5 Minutes for Mom contributor, shares her thoughts on two Spinmaster games, Headbanz Act Up! and Boom Boom Balloon in this sponsored post.  She was compensated for this article.

I am a sucker for board games. Whenever the wee ones ask me to play with them, I’ll put away whatever I’m doing to join them. I loved playing board games as a kid growing up, and having game nights whether with kids or adults is just as fun now. One of the most fun parties I had recently was at Type A Conference in Atlanta where we got to play with some of the new Spinmaster Games, including Headbanz Act Up! and Boom Boom Balloon.

Both games were a hoot.  We started out with Boom Boom Balloon, a very simple game, but yet addictively challenging.  You blow up a balloon with a fun face on it and place it inside the grid.  Then you add the sticks from the outside that will eventually puncture the balloon and pop it. Each person takes a turn by rolling a die. Whatever number comes up is how many clicks you have to push the stick into the balloon. Just like Jenga, you can choose which stick to push in, but if you roll a three, you have to hope you chose a good one! It’s a simple enough game that small children can understand and play it, but it’s challenging enough to determine which stick won’t pop the balloon that adults will have fun with it, too.

The game is actually recommended for ages 8+, though I could see far younger children playing and enjoying it. Because the latex balloon pops and will leave pieces, it is definitely not recommended for children under 3 years, but I could see kindergartners enjoying playing this, assuming they don’t mind the sound of the balloon popping.

Headbanz Act Up! is just as much fun. This game is a bit more challenging, but it also got more laughs out of our group. You can play with up to six players who wear headbands on their heads with cards placed in them that only other players can see. Each player has a turn guessing what card he has on his headband with one player acting out the word or phrase. Making it even more fun, the actor is selected randomly when the player who is to guess rolls the die. Whatever color comes up, that person acts out the word on the game card in time before the sand timer runs out.

The game is designed for kids 8+, as Headbanz Act Up! recommends, but this is one that eight year olds struggle with. Having played it with adults and also with my own children who are 8 and 10, I can see why. As adults, we rarely didn’t guess our clues (and get to discard a token for both the actor and the guesser) when we had a turn. With my children, it was far more challenging, but we still had a hoot. Fortunately, you know the category of the word or phrase you’re guessing, so it helps to know if it’s an action or a person, etc. The first person who gets rid of all their tokens wins.

Both games are widely available for a suggested price of $19.99.  Depending on the age and interest level of your child – the balloon popping is very loud – you can choose which game would be most appealing, or you can enjoy them both, as I’m sure my family would!

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  1. jenni foster says

    My son is Huge into board games this Christmas so I may be adding this one to the under the tree list. Thanks for the review!

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