Tackle It Tuesday – Getting Control Of Your Filing Cabinet

Tackle It Tuesday

Many years ago, Janice came up with an idea to help motivate her to clean her house… blog about it weekly in a column called Tackle It Tuesday. She started this weekly carnival and through the years hundreds and hundreds of bloggers have linked up their “tackles”. We’ve also had many contributors here at 5 Minutes for Mom share their tackles. But we have decided to now retire the weekly column as we focus on new projects.

Today is our final tackle and it’s brought to you by one of our new contributors, Nolie.

Lately I have been on a mission to get control of my house. Living in cramped military housing does not leave much room for anything you don’t need. As I have been organizing I have been adding to  my filing pile. We have not touched our filing cabinet in 2 years so needless to say the to file pile was pretty scary looking. Well in honour of tackle it Tuesday I decided to finally suck it up and get control of my filing cabinet.

filing mess

Don’t mind my totally unfinished basement. As you can see there is a ton of filing. I did not show you the inside of the cabinet which is packed and the other side of Tobei’s desk. I knew this was going to be a week-end long task at the very least.

So I grabbed myself a coffee, turned on Songza and loaded up a 90’s playlist and I got down and dirty with my filing.

filing tools

Filing Tools: Believe it or not despite what all the books and “experts” out there say you only need 4 tools for filing.

  1. Filing Cabinet
  2. File Folders
  3. Pen
  4. Shredder

OK you don’t even really need the shredder but with identity theft being so rampant we like to shred every single thing that has our name on it. Our shredder even has a option to shred CD’s so we can shred old back ups and all our ID and credit cards when they expire.

I spent 4 hours in my basement on Friday night just shredding. It is amazing how much paper a person has in their house that they don’t even realize. 3 garbage bags later my filing cabinet is clean and has tons of room for all incoming paper work. I also got smart and have now left the shredder out. No more piling paper work. As soon as it leaves my hands it goes in the to be paid pile, filing cabinet or into the shredder.


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