Tackle it Tuesday – How To Organize Your Make-Up Using Everyday Items

Tackle It Tuesday

Lisa, The Domestic Life Stylist, shares her tips on how to keep make-up organized.

Sometimes a girl just wants to get “dolled up”.  It doesn’t matter if its a holiday, birthday or any day really. No permission needed. I just put on a fancy dress, do something exciting with my hair and put on some “glam” makeup. Wait… where is that make-up?


Ladies all over the globe have the same problem. First we want to find the eye shadow that will make our eyes “dance”,  the lipstick that will give our lips that special “pop” and the concealer that will hide tons of sleepless nights in one easy swoop. But, once we find it, poof, pow, bam…it’s gone. We can’t find it. If only there was an easier way to organize make up. Well, there is. Use these simply ways to organize your make-up and have your “glam” at your fingertips whenever you need it.


Use cups to keep make-up brushes clean and organized. Simply place brushes in a cup or glass with bristles facing upward.  Add charm and interest by placing colorful acrylic beads to the glass. As an extra bonus, the beads will prevent the beads from moving around and keep them in place.

Craft or Tool Box

If you have a craft and tool box readily available, then you’ve got yourself a make-up organizer. Use the varying size dividers to separate make-up and keep things easy to find.

Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Most of us have a hanging shoe or jewelry organizer in our home. Have your organizer do “double duty” by using one side for jewelry and the other side for makeup. The small see through compartments are great for keeping make-up visable and within reach.

Kitchen Drawer Organizer/Divider

Most people already have a drawer organizer in their kitchen that is used to organize kitchen utensils. Place one in the bathroom drawer  to organize eye/lip liners, eye shadows and lipsticks.


Use old flower vases to keep nail color at your fingertips. In addition, clear vases paired with brightly colored polishes will also add visual appeal and interest to your décor.

Use these tips and the next time you want to get “dolled up”, all of your favorite make-up will be easy to find and within reach.

What are you tackling this Tuesday? Do you have any special tips for organizing make-up?


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  1. says

    I have no link to add, no tips to give, but a pathetic little story to tell. My daughter has been pilfering my make-up since she was two. One time I was about to rush her to the emergency room because she had “blood” all over her face until I realized that “blood” was a lovely shade of pink lipstick she had apparently found! I now lock my make-up up in a little safe I bought at Five Below. It’s deterred her…for now. :-)

  2. says

    Thank you for these tips!

    I also find it helpful to keep my “every day” makeup separate from all the other “fun options.” That way I don’t have to dig through 20 different choices to grab the lip gloss I wear every day.

  3. says

    Great Blog, because who doesn’t dream of organized makeup!!?? A big challenge with keeping makeup organized is when it “migrates” from a drawer or home organizing system to a makeup bag. We’ve all been there, I know my mascara is in here somewhere! Where’s my eyeliner? I can’t find my… only to make an emergency stop to pick up another item because it’s not with us when we need it.

    Google Beauty Butler and see for yourself another simple great solution for makeup organizing woes at home and on the go. When your makeup is clean and organized, it’s more fun to use… I Promise –Mr. BB

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