Christmas Giveaway 2013 ~ Keurig Platinum Brewing System #giveaway

5 Minutes for Mom contributor, Stacey Heneveld, shares 3 Ways Keurig Platinum Brewing System Will Rock Your Holidays… and yes, we’re giving one away.

Christmas Giveaway 2013

Last Thanksgiving we hosted my family for dinner {a whole other story in itself} and, while they were here, I introduced my parents to the wonderful world of Keurig brewing.

Now, being avid coffee drinkers {think multiple cups per day}, my dad wasn’t immediately sold on the Keurig. Despite me signing it’s praises, he needed convincing. So, I showed him 3 ways that Keurig Platinum Brewing System is not only awesome on a daily basis but completely rocks the holidays!

1. No fuss, no muss!

The last thing I need during a busy holiday gathering is to be messing with coffee filters, grinding beans, filling and emptying coffee grounds. With the Keurig Platinum Brewing System, all that coffee-ground-mess is contained in that cute little K-cup. Simply insert the K-cup, brew, and remove. No mess! If only the rest of Thanksgiving dinner were that easy!

2. Catering to everyone’s tastebuds.

Remember when you asked your holiday guests if you could offer them a hot cup of coffee and the orders came rattling in like you were working a diner? Dad wants regular coffee. Grandma needs decaf. The kids want hot cocoa. And Aunt Sue would really love a cup of hot apple cider. That would be a nightmare with a traditional coffee system. With the Keurig Platinum Brewer, it’s just a matter of minutes and you can serve up a variety of hot and cold drinks to your guests and in five different cup sizes! And with the ever-growing line of K-cups, it is certain that there will be something for everyone! Everyone goes away happy and they think you are a rock star hostess!

3. Always a fresh cup!

Then I reminded my dad of how he always ends up getting that last cup of coffee from the pot. Now, no matter how good that coffee was, the last cup from the pot is never as good. With the Keurig Platinum Brewing System you get a fresh cup of coffee (or whatever drink you’re brewing) every single time!

Needless to say, my dad left Thanksgiving dinner with a whole new appreciation for the Keurig! And I have a feeling he’ll be pretty happy when he finds a new Keurig Platinum Brewing System with his name on it under the tree this Christmas!

How does your Keurig help make the holidays a little easier for you? 

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  1. Linda Stewart says

    I am not a coffee drinker but my daughter is. She’s forever standing over a coffee pot waiting for a new pot to brew. She’ll drink 1/2 of it or so then let the rest sit. When she goes back for more she ends up dumping out what she left sitting and making a fresh pot. The Keurig would eliminate her waste.

  2. Nichol Perez says

    I’ve never owned a Keurig but in my house we love coffee. I would be honored to have this great machine and wake up to fresh smell of coffee and try different flavors. This would help out a lot in a family of 7 and save me so much money.

  3. Nichol Perez says

    I’ve never owned a Keurig but in my house we love coffee. I would be honored to have this great machine and wake up to fresh smell of coffee and try different flavors. This would help out a lot in a family of 7 and save me so much money.

  4. Andy Schwartz says

    I’m a tea drinker, hubs is a coffee drinker, daughter is expecting, so she’s decaf. It’s crazy! We can all have what we want, and I don’t have any extra cleanup or work! It’s a win-win.

  5. Jennifer Collver says

    I can’t seem to function without my morning coffee! I love Keurig because it allows every member of the family to quickly make their own single cups of coffee (or cocoa for the little ones!) :)

  6. Lisa R says

    It would because usually most of my guest drink liquor and I don’t so I don’t have to worry if only a few of us or even one wants a cup of coffee

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  7. Kortney says

    I love my Keurig, but it is definitely getting worn out from us using it nonstop. I love that it is ready and hot in such a short time and anyone can have whatever their selection may be!. Best part of a Keurig.

  8. chalsae darr says

    We’ve never owned a keurig coffee brewer but would love to own one. We have 5 coffee drinkers in our household!

  9. Karen Lynch says

    I drink coffee or tea and my husband only drinks tea, this would be great for us. He can make his tea with it and I can make either and not have to drag out the coffee maker or the electric kettle. It will do both and then in the evening if my daughter wants she can cider or hot chocolate.

  10. Kymberly Pray says

    This machine is just what I need to eliminate the make a whole pot of coffee-let-the-coffee-sit-reheat-the-coffee problem. This way I make ONE cup and drink it, and later make and have another.

  11. says

    It makes life easier because there’s something for everyone with little to no work! I love that my husband and I can enjoy coffee while the kids can have hot chocolate or cider!

  12. says

    My parents have one and they love playing with all of the different flavors! This would give everyone in the family the chance to have fun with our coffee!

  13. Tram Le says

    I have always wanted a Keurig since you’re able to make so many wonderful drinks in such a short amount of time!

  14. Marti Tabora says

    I think the Keurig is the greatest thing since sliced bread. You can choose whatever type of coffee that you’re in the mood for at the moment and your next cup can be something completely different. Thank you for the opportunity.

  15. Stacey Phillips says

    I would love to give this to my boyfriend as a gift. He does so much for me and I think he is such a precious gift to me.

  16. says

    Keurigs are great because you can make more than coffee in them. My husband can make his coffee, I can make some tea, and my kids can make their own hot chocolate!

  17. Beth says

    I don’t drink coffee but my boyfriend loves the stuff. It makes his mornings quicker so he can just fly out of the house.

  18. jennifer harris says

    Our coffee maker just broke so we are in the market for a new system, the Keurig would be perfect for our fast paced mornings!

  19. Rachael Juedes says

    I don’t like coffee, so it would be nice to have to make tea with. My parents like coffee, so they would like it as well.

  20. Tammy S says

    I would love to have a Keurig! We are both big coffee drinkers so this would be so nice. Plus we host a Christmas brunch every year and I wouldn’t have to worry about running out of coffee. There would always be fresh when you want it. Perfect world. :)

  21. jose benavides says

    I am a coffee drink and I have never owned this machine but I would love to own one to try all the different types of coffees available

  22. patricia caradonna says

    It would make the holidays easier by brewing a perfect cup for each guest. They could choose their favorite flavor and sit back and enjoy perfection.

  23. Sarah Hirsch says

    i don’t have a keurig but it would make the holidays easier by having coffee available to make quickly and for however many people want it (and no more)

  24. krystal pena says

    I would love to win this my husband is a big coffee drinker and have so many kcup coffee samples we need to use up lol so this is perfect thank you

  25. Julie says

    Id love to win this! It’s on my husbands wish list for Christmas and it would be perfect for our household with the kids!

  26. Cassandra Eastman says

    The Keurig would make holiday’s easier because we could all enjoy exactly what we want in a matter of a few minutes, my kids would love to make hot chocolate!

  27. debbie says

    Everyone in my house likes something different. This is great for that, because I can’t keep up with everything.

  28. maleficent m says

    i really want one of these, how great would it be to just put a cup in and get coffee within minutes .plus you can use it with tea.

  29. Julie says

    This would truly be a dream come true for us. My hubby and I drink a lot of coffee, but have always wanted one of these.

  30. Ashley Strum says

    I don’t have a Keurig, but I know it would save my family so much money since we always end up running out for coffee in the morning.

  31. JenS says

    I love coffee, but end up letting the last part of each pot get cold. This would assure me a fresh cup even if distracted for half the morning.

  32. says

    I had a Keurig but I don’t anymore and I miss it so much. It’s convenient and makes the perfect cup of coffee. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. faith johnson says

    our coffee maker died yesterday and i have been trying to talk my husband into a keurig for about a year. maybe?

  34. Joe says

    You sold me! I hate having to brew multiple pots of coffee of differing types. With a standard coffee pot, you can’t really brew just one cup. If you drink only one cup, the rest goes to waste. This Keurig brewer sounds great. Keeping my fingers crossed that I win!

  35. Jessica says

    With the amount of company we have over around the holidays, the Keurig would be a lifesaver! I love the idea of simply popping in a K-cup to make a cup of Pumpkin Spice Coffee for my husband and then switching over to Apple Cider for the kids, a cup of Cocoa for Grandma and Extra Dark Roast for the uncles. What a great concept this machine is…perfect for a family on the go!

  36. Debsy says

    As a full time office worker AND a returning student, I would dearly love to win this giveaway! I am pressed for time on all fronts and this would make it so much easier to grab a cuppa joe while flying out the door to work, or brew up a much needed caffeine boost during an evening with my nose buried in the books.

  37. Emily Tipton says

    I have wanted one of these for a while now! Both my husband and I are coffee drinkers, but we don’t go through a whole pot in a day, so this is the perfect solution for us!

  38. Melissa P. says

    I am so in need of Keurig. I purchased one for my mom a few years back and have been hoping to win one for myself. Praying this one is mine. : )

  39. Grace A says

    Things get crazy for me around this time of year with work and holidays. Would be nice to have a machine to make it quick.

  40. kymi a says

    I don’t have a keurig, but I know it would make it easier for getting up in the morning and having a fresh brew cup of coffee and for parties that is where I’m super excited because I only one type of coffee to serve, now I’ll have many different flavors. I love that you can brew ice cold tea too. Hope to see this under my xmas tree too.

  41. Geoff K says

    I love the variety and quality of all the k-cups that are available for the Keurig — and new ones seem to pop up every time I go to the grocery store!

  42. chickie brewer says

    I don’t have a Keurig, But when I visit my daughter that has one. It so much easier and cleaner then my coffee maker,

  43. says

    We love our coffee!!!!!!!! It helps me get rolling in the morning while I read my bible devotions & relax before starting my busy day & getting our boys up & ready! Aahhh, coffee is my friend ♥ Blessings & love ♥

  44. Jennifer Johns says

    This is such a great giveaway. We had a Keurig for years and it recently broke. This would be great to give to my husband.

  45. acmommy3 says

    This would so help during parties and family get togethers, especially at the holidays when we have larger groups….it is so true, you are going to have a mix of coffee lovers, coffee haters, decaf, caffeine all the way, only want hot chocolate…. 😀

  46. says

    I am a daily coffee drinking who has never owned a Keurig. I am currently a full time student and single mother that is always in a hurry. I go in the schools bookstore daily to purchase a cup of Keurig coffee everyday. It provides me a fresh cup of coffee within minutes. I love this product.

  47. melodi mance says

    not only does it make coffee but there’s several other drinks, teas in every variety, hot chocolate and cappuccinos.

  48. Jessica says

    I would love to win this for my parents! I don’t drink coffee myself, but they are addicts. Would make for a nice gift! : )

  49. april yedinak says

    I don’t have a Keurig, but I would love one. I think it would make it easier to give everyone the exact beverage they wanted.

  50. Tammy Hayden says

    I would absolutely love to win this!!! I love that you can just brew one cup at a time. I also love that there are so many different types of drinks I can make with the Keurig!! It would make life easier because when I have so many people over for the holidays because everyone can be happy with whatever they want to drink!!

  51. angela perkins says

    iam a coffee drinker along with hot cocoa….Iam on a fixed income so to win something like this would be so amazing

  52. Jill L says

    Our Keurig makes it easy to brew myself a coffee or the kids a hot chocolate and keep moving through the season. Great for when we have busy days. I would love to win this for my MIL. She loves using ours when she comes to visit.

  53. Kim Dowdy says

    I don’t have one yet, but many of my family and friends do and sing its praises. I love having family meals during the holidays and the Keurig would be an awesome way for everyone to choose their favorite hot beverage without a lot of fuss or muss.

  54. Marlena U. says

    My Keurig has been acting goofy and I fear the morning that I wake up and it stops all together! I need a new one!!

  55. Teresa B. says

    Wow, this would make a great gift for my son and daughter-in-law. They lead very busy lives and could benefit from this. Thanks!

  56. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    This would be a great gift for Grandma (me). I hate making an entire pot of coffee and then throwing half of it away. I love the idea of just making a single serving–I hope I win.

  57. Karen Dittrich says

    I love coffee but desperately need a Keurig so I can start brewing at home then to constantly visit coffee houses.

  58. says


  59. Sheila Askins says

    I’ve never owned a Keurig but, having been wanting one for soo long! love the idea of a quick brewed cup of coffee anytime i want it…and when guests come they can have what flavor and strength they choose! thanks for chance to win this!!

  60. says

    I am DYING for a keurig! I am the worst person in the world when it comes to wasting a whole pot of coffee – I only like one or two cups at a time. This would be PERFECT!

  61. says

    My family has been wanting this Keureg coffee maker for quite a long time. My husband, i and our oldest son all drink coffee but at different times,. So, the coffee sits in the pot and gets stale and then has to be re-brewed. This way, the coffee is always fresh brewed for each of us at our time. thank you for adding this item to the Christmas giveaway!

  62. Virginia Madrid says

    I would love to have one of these as my husband like me to get up and make the coffee in the morning lol

  63. Dianne Martinez says

    This coffee maker would be amazing and go to a great home. My birthday is Dec 24th , a even better birthday gift.

  64. Amy Tolley says

    when i first saw this coffee pot i knew it was for me i love coffee but dont always want a full pot just one cup this is a great giveaway thanks

  65. Stephanie Bodine says

    wow a Keurig. I have been wanting one of these! I love coffee and this would make my Mornings go by smoothly! Thanks for chance to win!

  66. Eileen Richter says

    My husband is lost without the Keurig that broke down at work…they had had for over 3 years. I’d love to surprise him with one to have at home! He’d feel like royalty and Oh what easy gift ideas for the kids to gift him. He so loves coffee and there are so many flavors he can find!

  67. Jenny says

    A keurig would be a great way for everyone to make the kind of coffee they want when you have guest over, and for just everyday use to make a cup at a time

  68. Linda Earley says

    My mom-in-love has a Keurig ~~ I enjoy it so much, and I know how much easier my life would be, and how much more DELICIOUS with single-serving sizes of fabulous flavors…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, can taste them now! lol

  69. Cassandra says

    No fuss no muss coffee making–everyone can make their own cup with their fave variety & it’s easy to maintain.

  70. June S. says

    This would make my holiday’s easier by having everyone be able to pick out and make their own special drink of choice.

  71. Marcy Strahan says

    I’ve never owned a Keurig! I do however have about three dozen samples of the Teas & coffes to go with it. I’ve been having to cut them open & use them in my dollar store coffee pot. I Need & dream of owning a Keurig!

  72. Vikki Billings says

    How does your Keurig help make the holidays a little easier for you? It makes it easier for me because without my coffee everything just seems harder. I love waking up early and drink my coffee it gets me energized for a long day of holiday work. I would be lost without my coffee.

  73. says

    Have been dying to own a Kuerig, but haven’t been able to fit it into the budget. Would love to open one up this Christmas! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  74. Mary Hampton says

    Everyone says Keurig is the only way to go. As mostly a tea drinker, I haven’t converted yet, but I’m willing to give it a shot!

  75. Janice F. says

    Having a Keurig that provides an opportunity to brew individual’s favorite coffee (or tea, hot chocolate) is just perfect for home and for visitors.

  76. Daraya says

    I’ve heard great things about the Keurigs and I would love to try one out! Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to win! :)

  77. Sue Hull says

    My sister has Christmas, and it’s so great having a Keurig but it does take a little longer b/c it only makes one cup at a time. It’s worth it b/c the coffee is so much better. Thank you for the awesome giveaway :)

  78. Angela Ash says

    Everyone I know has one of these machines. I thought it was expensive but I guess you can get a cup that you fill with your own coffee too. That’s cool – save money & switch up the flavors!

  79. sarahmarie jerome says

    this would be so wonderful as grandpa lives with me and he would be able to make his own coffee. thanks

  80. Jessica Bakker says

    I’d love a Keurig. The fact that you can change each cup from coffee, to hot chocolate, to tea is a huge bonus.

  81. Kellie Conklin says

    Keurig makes the holidays easier by offering my guests many options so that each person gets exactly what they want and no wasted coffee! Thanks!

  82. Karrie Millheim says

    I have been eyeballing a Keurig for awhile now. I love all the flavors that I can make with one. One of these days I am gonna spoil myself and get one :)

  83. Holli Joren says

    I love Keurigs! It makes making coffee so quick and easy. Mine broke a couple months ago, so I’ve been without one. :(

  84. destiny says

    I have wanted a Keurig for so long they are so amazing. My mechanic thinks I bring my car in for oil changes so often just so I can use his LOL

  85. Pauline M says

    I drink one cup of coffee every morning and usually end up throwing out half a pot of coffee daily. It would be wonderful to make one cup instead

  86. says

    Aw man! There are so many comments, I will probably never win this one!! i have a keurig on it’s last leg…. it hardly fills my cup and makes awful sounds like it is dying. I host two church groups a week and it is used SO much!!! My women’s group especially would not know WHAT to do without it!! I am desperately needing one to replace it!

    Keeping my fingers crossed!!! 😉

  87. says

    I am so excited about winning a Keurig!!! Our coffee machine definitely can use some updating… it not only drips.. but actually drips everywhere… lol This will be a grand present for my hubby who loves coffee.. and I just love the smell and take a cup now and then. Exciting! Thank you for the offer!

  88. Tami says

    I have a small Keurig….but I would love to have one that can do hot and cold drinks for everyone’s choice in drinks!!! I would pass mine along to a family member!!! Thanks

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