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As an English teacher, I am always looking for fun ways to get my students writing. Living in the technological age that we do, has pushed writing to the back burner. The Playtown My Story Maker app, however, uses technology to spark kids’ creativity and get them writing.


Using this free app, kids can create, personalize, narrate, and share stories.  Many students avoid writing because they can’t think of ideas, but with the Playtown app, there are numerous ideas provided to jumpstart your child’s natural imagination.

Kids can choose characters, stages, props, accessories, music, and can even use their own photos and drawings in their stories.

Personalize! Create!  Record!  Share!

The fun includes:

  • themed character play sets
  • multiple background
  • touch, drag, and adjust size of the characters in the scene
  • change character expressions
  • add accessories
  • narrate and record a story
  • add a musical background effect
  • title your story and add your name as director
  • play back and enjoy the story
  • share your story with friends

The story app also allows for personalization in some fun ways:

  • Add YOUR photo to the story
  • Draw YOUR own character and add it to the story
  • Change the characters’ clothing, hair, accessories and more

This app is the perfect blend of technology and imagination.  It allows children to create from their heads or to use inspiration and follow a guide provided by Playtown and then gradually make changes as their creativity grows.

The possibilities are endless with this vibrant, fun, and educational app.

Find out more on their website.
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