Family Trip Planning is Easier with MiniTime

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If you love family vacations but hate how time-consuming it can be to plan one, check out a new family trip-planning website called MiniTime. Between figuring out where to go, finding fun things to do with kids, and tracking down a hotel that’s both kid-friendly and affordable, planning a family getaway can feel like a full-time job. By providing all the tools you need in one place, MiniTime simplifies family vacation planning.


MiniTime can help you:

  1. Find Personalized Travel Recommendations. “Think TripAdvisor but with kids in mind,” said MiniTime is not just any vacation review site. It was created for parents, by parents—so it’s 100 percent focused on family getaways. When you search for places to go and things to do, MiniTime provides  travel recommendations based on the ages of your kids

  2. Create a Trip Itinerary and Journal. To get the most out of any family vacation, you’ll need to plan how you want to spend your time. With MiniTime’s easy-to-use Trip Planner tool, simply drag and drop kid-friendly hotels and attractions into a calendar to create an itinerary of your trip. During your getaway, you can upload photos and keep a trip journal, which you can later share with friends and family.

  3. Plan Smarter. MiniTime is all about providing the best expert and crowd-sourced advice so you can make smarter, more informed choices. You’ll find money-saving strategies (Whoopee! 6 Places Where Kids Ski Free); expert trip-planning tips (6 Ways to Never Pay Baggage Fees) to tried-and-tested wisdom from other families (10 Smart Tips for a Better Beach Vacation).

  4. Meet Like-Minded Family Travelers. As you explore MiniTime, you’ll find reviews written by parents who are passionate about traveling with kids the same age as yours!  There’s nothing quite like getting the honest scoop from moms who’ve been there.

  5. Land a Low Hotel Price. Nobody likes paying too much for a getaway. Not only does MiniTime recommend kid-friendly hotels for your family, be it in San Francisco or the Florida Keys, you can compare rates on multiple booking engines and snag the lowest going rate without ever leaving the site.

  6. Win a Super Prize. There’s always a great giveaway going on at MiniTime. Right now, you can win $200 for your next family getaway by entering the Pin it to Win a MiniTime Dream Vacation contest.

How would MiniTime help you with your travel plans?


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