5 Items You Need to Beat a Cold

Jennifer here to share with you about a few items that I never am without when I am fighting a cold. While we were compensated to share this post with you, all opinions listed are our own.

Ill woman with thermometer In mouth

This week here in Kentucky the weather is cold. It’s rare for it to be this cold in October. In fact, it feels like a winter day. It’s been that way for the last couple of weeks.

This time of year always brings out every sickness known to man — the flu, the cold, bronchitis, pneumonia — you name it and it rears its ugly head during this time.

Here are 5 items that I always keep in my home during this time of year. These items always help us keep the common cold and flu contained and manageable.


Warmed Blanket

When I am sick and not feeling very well, I grab a blanket, throw it in the dryer for about 15 minutes and get it really warm. Then I wrap up in and lay down on the couch and sleep. By warming it in the dryer, that helps the chills go away that I may be having during that time.


Anytime one of us sick at home, we always make sure we have boxes of tissues on hand. Tissues are a definite. No one wants to have a raw nose due to using toilet paper or hankies. Soft tissues with lotion in them always keep your nose soft and keeps from rubbing the skin raw.


A cool mist humidifier keeps the air moist so that your throat and nose don’t get to scratchy and sore from being sick. There are all different kinds of humidifiers to choose from so choose the best one that fits your family. For me, I love a portable personal humidifier that I can carry around the house.


There are all kinds of herbal teas out there that will help you when you feel a cold coming on. Just grab a big mug and make yourself a piping hot cup. Sip it while you are wrapped in your blanket. Tea has this healing power of making you feel better — even if you really don’t feel that well.

Saline Mist

When you are sick, your nasal passages get really dry causing nosebleeds and other issues. I was thrilled to discover that ARM & HAMMER™ has a product called Simply Saline™ Nasal Relief saline mist. It helps moisturize and flush dust and irritants from nasal passages.

ARM & HAMMER™ Simply Saline™ Nasal Relief is made from only purified water and salt. It poses no known side effects, is non-addictive, and can be used as often as needed. It can be used in combination with oral cold, allergy, or other over-the-counter medicines for fast relief from congestion.

I am glad that I have this item tucked away for this cold and flu season. When those sicknesses hit this season, my family and I will definitely be ready.

What about you? What items are must haves for your home during the cold and flu season?


  1. says

    Elderberry syrup. I buy it by the pound now and make it myself. I swear it cuts the recovery time in half!

    As a newly diagnosed asthmatic a nebulizer is also a must.

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