Arrrgh you ready for Halloween? Costume Express wants to help!

Costume Express is one of my favorite places to shop for Halloween costumes. I’m excited to share with you “why” in this sponsored post from Costume Express. All opinions are my own.

Last month I met a friend for coffee and she was telling me how they had just finished shopping for Halloween costumes for her family.

Wow! Talk about getting ahead of the game! Halloween is still another month away…. I thought.

A few weeks passed and I began talking with my kids about their costume ideas for this year. Imagine my surprise when we showed up at the store and found a very sparse, picked over costume selection!

Did I miss the memo? Halloween outfits being picked over in late September? 

Sadly this is a predicament I find myself in year after year. And you’d think I’d learn my lesson. Thankfully, this year I have Costume Express coming to my rescue again!

Not only does Costume Express offer costumes for the whole family, but they offer such an extensive variety of costumes. Everything from the funny to the lovely to the spooky!

Of course my kids are eyeing up some of their favorite character costumes:

This is the first year my son actually has an opinion on his costume. And it’s a pretty unwavering one…”I be a PIRATE, mama!” It’s all about the pirates with him! And I love that Costume Express has not one, not two, but EIGHT different pirate costumes in just his age group!

While the selection is awesome and the prices are great, as a mom, my 2 favorite things about Costume Express are Convenience and Durability!


Being able to browse their website and costume selection from home means we can take our time picking out a costume. No worrying that the toddler is destroying the Halloween decorations in the next aisle over while I”m trying to get his indecisive sister to just pick a costume already! That ease of mind alone is priceless!

And I really appreciate not having to field questions from my 5 year old like, “What’s a naughty cowgirl, mom?” It’s super fun when adult costumes are right next to the kids’ costumes in the store! With Costume Express I can select which age group we want to browse and even which characters they are thinking about being.


Dressing up does not stop with Halloween in our house. My kids love dressing up! Costumes are regularly pulled out throughout the year for all sorts of dress-up games. Costume Express costumes easily last us throughout the year with many, many wears!

If you’re still looking for that perfect Halloween costume or costume accessories for you or your kids, be sure to visit Costume Express! While you’re there, watch for some of their great deals, including Free Shipping on orders over $75!
Blogging at about life as a mother to 3 young kids, Stacey dreams big through her life list and is currently shopping two of her children’s books to publishers.


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