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A couple of weeks ago I had a great night out at the movies. My friend and I got free passes to an early screening of About Time (click through to read my full review — I loved this movie!).

What is it about?

It’s about love:

About Time

It’s about family:

About Time

It’s about doing it over until you get it right:

It’s About Time:

About Time poster

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  1. says

    My do-over moment would have occurred years ago by committing to a healthy lifestyle early in my life, rather than gaining weight and becoming obese. Granted this past February I did make this commitment and I now am living a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of doing so are showing greatly. To date I’ve lost 50 pounds. I’m learning though that it is a lifestyle and one that should be started young.

  2. says

    My do over moment would be to go to and complete college after high school. I finally graduated this past May 2013 (at 35), but I could have been so far ahead in my life and been able to save more money and spend more time with my kids. I probably would have even had more kids by now if we’d had more money. It’s a huge regret wasting so much time not getting it done when I should have.

  3. Kimberlie says

    I’d love to take a girlfriend, but we just moved so I’m not near any girlfriends so I’d settle for taking hubby!

  4. Lacey Burd says

    My sisters & I are actually going to see an advance screening of this movie later tonight. It looks like a good movie, so I’m pretty excited :)

  5. Sunnymay says

    My buddy will accompany me and I’ll probably write notes during the movie of phrases that I want to remember. If I see it as an advanced movie screening, I write a review. It’s nice to have someone to whisper to while the movie is running.

  6. Rachael E says

    I want to see this so bad! The trailer looks great and I love Rachel McAdams! I would take my best friend to see this.

  7. Cynthia R says

    i would take my boyfriend to see this movie. looks so good. been awhile since there’s been a good romantic comedy.

  8. Tracy Robertson says

    I would take my boyfriend. About Time looks different from the scary movies and thrillers that we usually see, but it looks really good!

  9. Jill Myrick says

    I would take my husband with me to see this move.
    We both loved Lave Actually. So I know he would love to see this as well.


  10. sheila k says

    My best friend. Her husband died in a tragic accident, and my fiancé and soul mate died of bile duct cancer. We both “feel” our soul mates around us at times loving and looking after us from the other side.

  11. crystal smith says

    I would drag my boyfriend along with me to see this. Its been awhile since we’ve gone to a see a romantic flick :)

  12. Kellie Conklin says

    I think I would take my sister to see this movie when she comes home for break from college! It looks like one we would both really enjoy :)

  13. Geoff K says

    I’ll take my good friend Jen – we’re both big romantic comedy lovers and fans of “Love, Actually,” so we can’t wait to see this one!

  14. Candice Hull says

    It will probably have to be a girls night thing because I don’t think I could drag my husband to see it in theaters. He might watch it when it comes out on DVD though 😀

  15. Trisha McKee says

    I will take my daughter. She and I love watching movies together and this one looks like it’ll be a great one!

  16. Dorothy Hubbard says

    Your review makes it more likely that I will go see this movie. It sounds like everything I look for in a movie That I may want to spend time watching.

  17. Dorothy Hubbard says

    My do over moment would be as my children were growing up(they are all adults now) I would have been less frazzled all the time and more patient.

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