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This is a sponsored post and giveaway, but as always, our writer’s opinions are her own.

When my first child was born, over 15 years ago, I frequently referred to this big encyclopedic book about children’s stages and development. I didn’t really look at all that, but I was constantly looking at the pictures of the rashes and reading about the symptoms. When exactly does an illness warrant a medical visit and when is it okay to treat at home or wait it out?

UrgentCareMainMenu_iphoneI know no one uses books anymore. Now we have Dr. Internet to totally freak us out with pictures and worst-case scenarios. We can check out a wiki or even find a message board where people can give advice. But anyone can post online. People who are on the chat board might not have your exact symptoms. It can be more dangerous than helpful (besides — it makes all of us hypochondriacs!).

Greatcall has a free Urgent Care App that is available for apple or android. It was easy to download and is easy to use. Some of the features include:

  • Have one-touch access to a live nurse for advice 24/7, who can escalate the call to a board-certified physician if needed
  • Get health-related assessments, general health information, diagnosis or even a prescription
  • Have access to an easy-to-understand medical dictionary
  • Research your symptoms with the medical symptom checker tool.

As women, I know we discuss a lot of things with each other, but sometimes there are things that worry us that we don’t discuss. Sometimes we are even embarrassed to talk to our doctors about them. The symptom checker, or even a call to a nurse, could help you know if you need to seek further treatment, or if you can stop worrying.

UrgentCareBodySearch_iphoneIt’s sad, but in addition to time, sometimes we delay a visit to the doctor because of cost. The Urgent Care app is also cost-effective. The app itself is free, giving you access to search your symptoms, and each call to a nurse is only $3.99. Even if you have good insurance, your office visit co-pay is going to be at least 3 or 4 times that amount.

You might use this tool when you don’t have time to go to the doctor. There’s nothing like changing your schedule to get to the doctor’s office and finding that there’s nothing the doctor can do. There are also times when you have other kids at home or asleep, and getting to an urgent care facility isn’t convenient. Of course, you’ll go if you need to, but if someone can help you over the phone, isn’t that more convenient?

You can download the app for both Iphone and Androids.

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In order to encourage you to give the Greatcall Urgent Care app a try, they are giving away a $25 itunes gift card.

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  1. mrsshukra says

    I’m always googling symptoms not only for myself but for other family members, this app will be very helpful!

  2. Janet F says

    This app can help me when I need to know about general health information and when I am unable to make a Drs. appointment I can find out about symptoms.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. Terra Heck says

    I have six kids and this would be great to help more information on symptoms they have when they are ill and possibly be armed with more knowledge before taking them to the doctor. Thanks.

  4. Janet W. says

    This could help us because we’re constantly looking up symptoms that my grandsons are displaying to see what it means.

  5. Kerrie Mayans says

    This app would let me speak to a nurse when I am not sure about taking my kids in or waiting it out and it is very affordable to do so.

  6. Eileen Richter says

    Hubby dragging germs home, two kids in school and a ton of sports, and a day care my daughter runs here. I am also chronically ill so med calls in for sports injuries, suspected strep and who knows what. We could use this app! Just had my 16 year old in today. Wasted trip,…hmm…another ‘virus”

  7. Brittany says

    This would help me know whether to go to er or if I can wait until office hours on the weekends. Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. Margaret Smith says

    Many times with my kids, they will either get a rash, fever, or ache and it never fails to be during the weekends or nights. This would really help when I’m in doubt what to do and I’m concerned.

  9. says

    I have had tons of medical training, but there are still many things that I have encountered with my kids such as rashes that I had no idea what to do about. This would surely make my life a little easier to look up symptoms and even have alive nurse to ask questions to, so awesome!

  10. says

    Our insurance skyrocketed last year and until each person meets his/her deductible NOTHING is covered. I’m, therefore, often reluctant to take the kids to the doctor unless I’m certain something can be done for them. How nice it would be to have a nurse who isn’t routinely going to say “we can’t do anything until the doctor looks at them.” $3.99 per call? I’ll take it!

  11. Tracy Robertson says

    Luckily my health care provider at this time provides a 24 hour call in nurse where you can ask questions. But I also think this app is great! sometimes you just don’t feel like talking to an actual person (especially when you aren’t feeling well) so this would be perfect for such times!

  12. says

    This would definitely help me throughout my everyday life because having chronic Lyme is no cake walk! There are so many different signs, symptoms, and overall craziness going on so having a resource to look up things and try to deal with them on our own leaving actually going into the doctor as a last option would be ideal to save us time, energy, and money!

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  13. says

    I live alone and so in my case I don’t have anyone present to double check with to see if my current situation is worth going now to see a dr., or if it is something that could wait til morning. This app would help me assess whatever it is I might be facing and if necessary, call a nurse and discuss it with them. Technology really has come a long way. I love that we have options such as this app available to us.

  14. Tammy S says

    This app would come in handy when there is something wrong with one of the kids and I am not sure what it might be and if a trip to the doctor is needed.

  15. Amber says

    This app would be great because I think it could save me a few trips to the doctor and help me get peace of mind when my kids are ill.

  16. Cynthia R says

    this app is helpful to find a doctor, hard to find one accepting patients, would help me look up symptoms too.

  17. Angela Kinder says

    We have been to the ER a whopping 5 times this year for what turned out to be minor problems. It would definitely keep us from freaking out when something minor happens.

  18. Crystal F says

    I’m always worried that there is something going on with my girls. This would help give me peace of mind until I can get them into a dr for a check out. Thank you!

  19. Tara says

    The app would help with searching to see if your symptoms warrant a call to the doctor or possibly just something mild.

  20. Jeanette Ardiente says

    This app is great. I have wanted a consulting nurse available, but my children’s doctor doesn’t have one. I could use this app instead.

  21. Nicole Lancaster says

    The app would be useful to me because I can contact a nurse to see if myself or my family’s symptoms need an urgent care or doctor’s office visit. And I can get questions answered fast instead of waiting forever until my doctor can get a hold of me.

  22. Heather B says

    I think this app could help when it comes to deciding whether something is severe enough to go to urgent care or if it something that can wait for a regular appointment

  23. Sunnymay says

    Getting advice in just one touch of a button would be great. Then I wouldn’t have to scroll through contact list to find the right person to ask my questions. Advice from a nurse may direct your attention to the right place to go for crucial help with both long term and short term (acute) problems. It’s almost like concierge service for healthcare.

  24. Jill Myrick says

    This app would be a big help for us cost wise.
    It would be nice to be able to look up symptoms and get an opinion on what my be going on rather than having to go to the doctor so much to find out that it is not anything serious.


  25. Melinda Stephens says

    I don’t own a car, so this would be great for those times when I don’t have anybody around whose car I can borrow to go to the dr.

  26. Rebecca Lock says

    This would be great because we have no urgent care options around. It has to be serious for us to visit the ER. We have 3 teen aged boys and try to be able to take care of medical situations at home. This would be an additional tool in providing medical advice at home.

  27. Jill L says

    It would have saved me the frustration of going to an urgent care center, being checked in and having to pay just to be told that we had to go to the ER. I could used this app and saved time and money.

  28. Nancy says

    I could use it for the general health information. The things you want or need to know but are not worthy of a doctor visit.

  29. rose paden says

    This app could really help me get advice before having to go pay for an expensive doctors visit or waiting for them to call us back with information!

  30. Michelle Tucker says

    It costs lots of money for us to go to the doctor, so when we have something wrong that a nurse could take care of, then it’d be very cost effective.

  31. Buddy Garrett says

    It would help me determine whether or not I need to seek medical care or not. Paying for my own medical care because I don’t have insurance is costly.

  32. Geoff K says

    This app would help me give advice to my admittedly hypochondriac friend, who’s always calling describing her son’s symptoms and asking for a diagnosis!

  33. Trisha McKee says

    This app is great because i have kids and any parent always worries about their kids. Knowing there is help and I’m saving time and money- that is great.

  34. Sallee Crummel Glickler says

    I’ve worked as a pharmacy tech, and now as an analyst at an insurance company, so I am pretty well versed with a LOT of medical terms, symptoms, and diagnosis’. That said, I still like to consult various sites to check myself or my family (since there really isn’t a lot that can be done for some things, so there is no reason to pay a visit to the doctors). This would made it a bit more convenient. And if worse comes to worse, there is always Teledoc!

  35. melina r says

    This app would help me because kids don’t get sick during normal office hours. I can get to talk to a nurse anytime of day.

  36. kathy pease says

    This would be great for me I am always having changing symptoms week to week they are different.I contracted Lyme Disease a few years back and I dont think the antibiotics got rid of it

  37. melikegarfield says

    Two people in the family often have issues and I see this as a great resource for helping figuring out their issues or finding someone who can help

  38. Barbara S says

    Have one-touch access to a live nurse for advice 24/7, who can escalate the call to a board-certified physician if needed This could come in handy

  39. Jennifer J says

    This would really help when my little girl is sick, but I’m not sure if i should keep her home or take her to the doctor.

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