How My Family Takes Advantage of the AT&T Unite Hotspot #attunite

This post has been written by 5 Minutes for Mom contributor, Teresa. We were compensated to write this post, however all opinions listed are my own.

More than ever, I am discovering that my family really can’t go anywhere without a little bit of access to the internet. I’ll be completely honest and say it makes my life on the in the car easier.  It also makes it easier to coordinate things among my family. My young children are already very tech savvy and can access our family google calendar to check in with the daily schedule.

The AT&T Unite mobile hotspot that my family has is very family friendly. Our Unite can host 10 different devices at one time. I have three children and they all have their own iPod Touch and tablets. Believe me, we are connected while running about everyday.

I even changed service to take advantage of the mobile share because our AT&T Unite manages to cover internet use for a very family-friendly price of $20 per month. My son’s cell phone service was $50 per month for his data plan. The AT&T Unite gives us a single data service that everyone can use. It drastically reduced how much my family was spending per month on internet access.

The AT&T Unite is a very family friendly gadget. I know that the use of a new gadget can be intimidating, but this mobile hotspot is very easy to use. You do not need to be well versed in technology and you will not be confused. My 7 year old knows how to use it after one lesson. The AT&T Unite is very reliable, straightforward and very easy to learn to use. I would like to add that even though my children are quite adept at using the AT&T Unite, they are also smart with their technology and are aware of the safety on the internet and on the use of the mobile hotspot

The AT&T Unite mobile hotspot has offered my family numerous benefits and the added bonus of saving on costs. A mobile hotspot is the new mode my family connects to the internet and it works great for us. My husband can get all the BlackHawks and Bears news updates that he wants at any time. My kids can email their teachers while waiting at siblings music lessons. And I can tweet to my hearts content about how fabulous the AT&T Unite is!

The benefits far out way the cost of the AT&T Unite. We have used our mobile hotspot in numerous situations and occasions. It really is up to the individual or family to decide how to use their mobile hotspot. I can say, that whatever way you can imagine using your device, it will end up saving your family time, effort and money. Like it has mine.

The AT&T Unite mobile hotspot is the in thing in my family. AT&T Unite is currently $0.99 with a 2-year contract and only $20 per month that can be added to your family mobile share plan.

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Teresa is a family lifestyle photographer who is happy homeschooling her three children in the Christian Classical education theory in the suburbs of Chicago. You can find her on her blog Tiaras & Tantrums or on Twitter as @tiarastantrums.

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