Why Baby Blankets Make the Best Gifts

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When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, we had just moved across the country. I wasn’t going to get a full time job, because my plan was to stay home with her when she was born, so I ended up doing some volunteering at the local hospital. Pretty much without exception, all the other volunteers who worked the ICU desk like I did were senior citizens. In addition to my regular Friday shift, I sometimes met other volunteers when I helped fill empty shifts. They loved the fact that I was pregnant.

Why baby Blanets Make the best gifts

One day when I was working, an energetic brunette who I met one time when I picked up an extra shift came in, saying “I’m so glad you’re here! I have something for you.”

I was surprised when she gave me a gift. It was a hand-crocheted baby blanket. I was so touched. I actually didn’t use it too much with Amanda, because the yarn was pretty warm and the season wasn’t quite right, but when Kyle was a baby many years later, it ended up in his crib one day, and he loved it. In fact, it became his special blankie (and don’t tell, but he still keeps it in his bed 9 years later).

My daughter also got a few receiving blankets from my college roommate.  They were soft and simple, but so special to me because she made them just for us. I haven’t been able to get rid of those either.

Why baby Blanets Make the best gifts

I’m not crafty, but knowing how practical and beautiful baby blankets are, I find myself frequently selecting them when I’m buying baby gifts. At BabyBlankets.com they have funky fall baby blankets (look at those great colors!).

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Did you receive a special baby blanket as a gift? Or is it something you like to give?

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