Print Anywhere In Your Home with the new Canon Pixma MG5420 Printer #giveaway #backtoschool

I was provided with product to review and one to giveaway. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

As a homeschool mom, I do a lot of printing — especially right now as we are preparing for back to school. Because of that, I need a printer that is versatile and that everyone in the house can use. That is why I am especially excited to share with you about today’s back to school giveaway.

I recently received the new Canon PIXMA MG5420 All in One Wireless Printer to review. Can I just tell you how easy my life is now that I have this amazing printer?

This printer prints pages faster than ever! For black, you can expect to get 9.9 images per minute and 5.7 images per minute for color. That is super fast for an inkjet printer.

I am always copying our workbooks so that I can resell them at the end of the year. This task usually takes me forever, but with this new printer, I am flying through the copying process.

It also has high quality image printing and a lot of cool features. Watch this video to learn more:

This printer comes in three colors — red, black, and mirrored white and runs around $70-$80 depending on the color that you choose. The ink is also very affordable. The color runs around $25 and the black around $19.

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Today we are giving away one of these amazing printers in black. Use the Rafflecopter form to enter this giveaway. New to Rafflecopter? Watch this 45-second video on how to enter!
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  1. tammy b says

    having twins in school, i get a lot of duplicate paperwork to fill out. if i had a scanner, i could fill out one, scan and print. oh what delight that would be.

  2. Jeanna says

    It would be great to have a printer at home to help my son with his schoolwork! Usually I have to wait and print what he needs from work!

  3. sharonus says

    We have two computers, so this printer would make it a lot faster and easier for me to print from either computer!

  4. says

    I’ve actually been researching this exact printer! I need something that will allow me to print from my phone and from my laptop, as well as our tower. Since I have several Canon cameras, I would think that the quality of the print would be as nice as possible 😀

  5. Alvina Castro says

    it would help me so much by letting me be able to print stuff in general. With my kiddo heading to school for the first time and life changing with my dads illness and more there are so many important things i need to do and be able to print without having to wait for a trip to the library.

  6. says

    The wireless printer would really help since it’s always a pain to have to pull out the cords for our other printer to connect to the laptop which I have to take to the kitchen to print anything. And with being a college student being able to print stuff easily would be great.

  7. Sarah says

    I would love to be able to print in color, to make some visuals for my kiddo with special needs to use around our house! Affordable ink and easy wireless printing would make this perfect for us!

  8. Ruby Daniels says

    I would love to have a wirless printer, I have way to me wires coming from the computer. the scanner would come in handy to save special school work.

  9. Aura says

    I never print photos since it’s too much of a pain to open the computer desk and attach everything, upload and print

  10. Janet F says

    I don’t have a printer so this would be a great help to me. There are so many things that I would like to print: recipes, work sheets, coloring pages and a lot more.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  11. Christina N says

    Actually, my printer just died yesterday so this would be a great help to be able to print anything! Thank you for the chance.

  12. Marti Parks says

    It would help me a lot to have a reliable printer. I could print coupons, recipes, receipts and so many other things.

  13. Terra Heck says

    I’d use it to print out blog paperwork and coloring sheets for my kids. Thanks.

  14. says

    My oldest son is on the Autism Spectrum and has some additional special needs. His school is teaching him to type very early because writing is so difficult for him. We’d use it for him to print out his reports to turn in :)

  15. Sonya Morris says

    We are homeschooling and it would be great to have this so we can use the workbooks for more than one year.

  16. says

    Oh my goodness–this printer would help me so much! My daughter is just getting ready to start school next week, and our lives are going to pick up quite a bit. This would be an amazing addition to our lives! Our printer is SOOOOO out of date, and…well…out of ink, too. :)

  17. Tammy S says

    I would love for the kids to be able to print from anywhere in the house. Now they do their work on my laptop, save it then turn on our desktop PC so they can print. It would save them a lot of time and no more missing assignments because they forgot to print it.

  18. Steph says

    We homeschool as well and I do a lot of printing of worksheets and tests. It would be nice to not have to run to the basement everytime I need to print.

  19. Jamie Brigham says

    It could help my day to day life by being able to print new patient forms to fill out before I go to the doctors, I could print coupons to save us money and even print coloring pages for my son.

  20. Jamie Brigham says

    It could help my day to day life by being able to print new patient forms to fill out before I go to the doctors, I could print coupons to save us money and even print coloring pages for my son.
    x2 sorry I don’t see it posted.

  21. Lawanna says

    There always seems to be a last minute photo that’s needed for a school project. This would really reduce the stress in the house.

  22. says

    I would love to win a new printer! I’m an elementary teacher and I print a LOT from home! I have 2 printers that each have problems- – 1 puts a blank line on all my color copies (yuck!). I would really like to have one that actually works. :) Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  23. says

    We homeschool so I am forever printing stuff. Being wireless means that I can print from wherever I am in the house and go get it when I can and it is ready.

  24. Theresa J says

    I would send this offf to school with my daughter who is going to be a freshman and I am sure she will need to print assignments

  25. Natalie F says

    It would make my life much easier. My office is in our family room, so we keep our printer in a storage room (it’s big and ugly). It is not wireless. Every time I need to print I have to bring the lap top back there and hook it up! Right now I’m printing school materials for the kids, so lots of printing. :)

  26. Jean says

    I take a lot of photos and I want the instant gratification of printing them fast, so I can put them in frames and enjoy them!

  27. Wehaf says

    We regularly have to print forms or letters, and we don’t have a reliable printer. This would be a big help.

  28. Marty says

    Our printer actually stopped working a month or two ago. I didn’t use it everyday, but it has been such a pain when I have needed to use one for day to day tasks or crafty projects. I would also love to be able to print good pictures at home. Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. David H. says

    Since we have several laptops and a desktop computer a wireless printer would make our lives so much easier. As of now I move all my stuff and manually connect to the laptops, then plug it back into the desktop. It’s a pain in the tush.

  30. says

    I print things all the time – receipts for online purchases, coupons, printing labels, and order invoices for my home business, and more! A reliable printer is a great asset, and I’d love to win this!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. Kristy says

    It would be great to send things directly to the printer from my laptop no matter what room in the house I am in.

  32. Serena Powell says

    I’m going into college, so I have to print a lot of my school work out. This would definitely be helpful for me.

  33. Krystal says

    I have lots of pictures to print. This printer would be awesome to help me get started printing pictures!

  34. emily says

    I get so frustrated when I have something to print and have to pick up my computer and move in to the office – where the toddler is not allowed – so I usually have a zillion windows open waiting for me to find time to get in there and print it all. Having wireless printing would be so much simpler!

  35. Amy Honious says

    this prize would really help me because my printer tanked 2 months ago! i love to print coupons and photos. the wireless feature would be awesome since most of my work is done on my laptop and not the pc anymore. thanks so much!

  36. Cassie Korando says

    My current printer decides when to work and when not to work. This printer would allow me to get things done on my time instead of fighting with the printer!

  37. Jenny Martin says

    I don’t have a printer–so it would be great to have one! I have a FT job, 2 PTA positions, and would love to do Project Life scrapbooks…the printer would get tons of use!

  38. Tanya Boerhave says

    If I had a printer I’d use it to print receipts, coupons, and instructions for craft projects I find online.

  39. Sarah Nielsen says

    This printer would be perfect for printing pictures of my children or patterns for my crocheted business.

  40. Rita says

    I have so many pictures but a very old printer that does not print pictures nicely and I don’t have time to go sit at CVS to print 100s of pictures. And a new printer would help with school and all the papers I have to write. I could write them and print them from the living room without leaving the couch. This printer would be awesome.

  41. Victoria Carlson says

    Our current printer is so slow and takes forever to print anything. This printer would be more efficient and would help to save on time to do simple tasks.

  42. Paula V says

    I’d be print happy. A lot of times I don’t print because I have to unplug my computer and take it to the office to plug in and wait for it to print.

  43. Paula V says

    I’d be print happy and print everything…haha A lot of times I don’t print because I have to unplug my computer and take it to the office to plug in and wait for it to print.

  44. says

    This would make school work assignments a breeze, and because of tight spaces in our home, I could put this in another room and still print what I need!

  45. Kellie Christensen says

    I need something to print fun activities for the kids I work with. I am a speech/therapist and I am always coloring things but it would be so nice to be able to just print them already in color.

  46. says

    Our printer is on the way out, and so this printer would be fantastic. My daughter would use it for school, and I would use it for many of the things I need!

  47. md kennedy says

    This printer means that I would be able to make reprint edited chapters of my recipes for my husband to proof a lot faster!

  48. Brandy W. says

    Currently I go to my local library to use the printer so this would be wonderful to be able to print at home instead!!

  49. Mia Dentice Carey says

    I’m in desperate need of a new printer…mine is so old it refuses to print-go figure I just spent a fortune on new ink. This would help me with my child’s school work-they start back Tuesday! =( It will also help cut down on our household budget being able to print coupons. Thanks for the opportunity!

  50. says

    We currently don’t have a printer and both my kids start school next week. We used our printer frequently last year before it stopped working for school assignments, papers, and reprinting lost assignments from a district site. Thanks so much for the opportunity!
    wendy2lindsey at yahoo dot com

  51. Laura Jacobson says

    Oh this would be so helpful for us! The kids always seem to have to move the printer around to print! The wireless sounds amazing!

  52. Stephanie Ann says

    It would be great to have a printer for the kids school papers and projects!!! And I love to find coupons and print them out!

  53. Chelsea says

    This would totally help me, I prepare all the activities for our Sunday school and I’d love to have a new printer!

  54. says

    Well considering I don’t have a printer this would come in handy a lot for me because my son will be in Full Day kindergarten & they always have projects to do so this would come in handy printing pictures out & stuff even and coupons out also (:

  55. Jenny Lloyd says

    there are so many things i need to print daily – coupons, kid’s homework, kid’s schedules, documents for school, the list could go on and on

  56. Amy Brewer says

    I have an epson printer right now and it is just a cheap one. I started having trouble with it but still use it. This would be a definite upgrade.

  57. Kerrie Mayans says

    right now we have one computer that has a printer attatched and the kids have laptops so they have to come to the office and unplug the printer from the desktop and then they forget to plug it back in. With this printer they could just send the doc thru the house wifi to the the printer to print their term papers and homework.

  58. steph g says

    I am starting college for the first time after 14 years being out of high school. I would use this printer for schooling, work and girl scouts!

  59. David Haug says

    I print up recipes. Getting rid of some printer wires would make my computer station look cleaner, and wires attract dust/dog air.

  60. Katie Roch says

    This could help me print great photos and save me time if I didn’t have to get photos printed outside of my home.

  61. says

    Hello, this printer would be a great addition to our household because with three people we are using our printer several times a day. My old Kodak is on it’s last leg and not long for this world. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  62. nannypanpan says

    we currently have to hook my laptop up to the printer to get things printed///would love a wireless printer

  63. susan glazer says

    this printer would help me in my everyday printing 100% because i don’t own a printer and could really use one.

  64. Jessica Snow says

    We don’t have a working printer so this would be great for couponing, reports, school work, etc.
    Thanks for the great giveaway! =)

  65. Ellie W says

    I am constantly printing coupons but my printer does not print quality photos, so this would help me a lot.

  66. Cassandra Eastman says

    It would definitely help my husbands with work since his office is at home, and for me with printing stuff off for the kids!

  67. Shelby Gesford says

    There are several reason i could use this, the print we had was super old and finally broke about a month ago, we can’t afford a new one.
    I make crafts for a living and my boyfriend is a photographer so it would help us both with those.
    We also are starting college in 2 weeks and boy would that be nice to have and not have to go to the library to print.

  68. Catherine says

    We do our kids photos for their school pics and our printer is not working anymore…time to upgrade. It saves us a lot of money that is needed for all their other school costs. Plus, with all the kinds of graphics we do (but haven’t been able to and right now we can’t afford a new one), this printer would be of such a big help! My oldest is a senior this year and this would be a great printer for all we need to do this year (and my youngest daughter graduates 8th grade/middle school this year too).

  69. Geoff K says

    It would be a huge time and energy saver, as now we have to lug our laptops or devices upstairs to the home office to print from our wired printer. It would be amazing just to be able to send print jobs from anywhere in the house and not worry about reconnecting or re-formatting the printer drivers every time an update is needed!

  70. says

    Well, since my old printer died, this printer would be a phenomenal replacement to help me print out resumes or stuff for the kids school assignments!

  71. says

    I print a lot, and since my printer seems to have bit the dust on our move to the new house, this would help immensely. I love printing worksheets for my kids and my daughter is now starting preschool activities. This would be used a lot for that… and bloggy stuff. :)

  72. Stephanie Larison says

    It would help with schedules, the kids have so many things going on it all is confusing sometimes.

  73. Shanda J says

    There are a lot of things that I need to print (documents, coupons, paperwork) and this would help a ton with those Kinkos costs since we don’t have a printer right now.

  74. Julie says

    We have so many photos on our computer that we never got printed out. Would be nice to be able to print and display them around our home.

  75. Carole M says

    Right now the printer is across the room from the computer, so I need to move the computer when I want to print (yes, an odd set up), so this would make it easier.

  76. Michelle Hudak says

    We have one ancient printer and the kids always have to email me or flash drive their homework so we can print it off my computer. It would be great for everyone to print right from their own laptops.

  77. Eve says

    We don’t have a printer so this could help big time! I have to always ask someone to print something for me when I need so this would be beyond helpful!

  78. Eve says

    we are out of a printer now so we could use this as are everyday at home printer. this would be great to have!!!

  79. Jennifer Rote says

    Would be nice to be able to print without dragging my laptop over to the printer to print every time.

  80. says

    Wireless, please! We have a decent printer, but can’t print from our various laptops unless we drag them over and connect them – no printing at all from the smartphones – so I’ve been on the lookout for a decent wireless.

  81. Donna says

    This printer would be a miracle!
    Our printer no longer works.
    We are a single parent family and our Back to school budget balance is $23.00!
    Thank you. 😊

  82. says

    My daughter could really use this. She has her own laptop for her work, but when she wants to print something she has to go through hoops to get it onto a computer linked to the main printer. This would save time and energy. Also, it is a better printer.

  83. Rhonda G says

    I could have it handy and wouldn’t have to go to the other room and computer when I needed to print something

  84. wendy b says

    Well, right now I have no printer so this printer would help with that. It would help day to day if I could print coupons, photos, directions, etc.

  85. Kelly Brown says

    This would be great to print out my lesson plans quickly! I have been wanting one of these wireless printers!

  86. Jose says

    This printer would help me get the Docs I have on my drive online and be able to print and read them in traditional paper

  87. Deb C says

    This Canon printer could help me because it is wireless and can be located in a more convenient spot, leaving me more desk area.

  88. Amy L says

    I print a lot of grocery coupons, and this printer would be much faster than the one we’ve been using for years.

  89. Tiffany Hearn says

    My daughters need to print papers for school often. This would really help me save time because I always have to go print them at the store. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  90. Jill Myrick says

    I love that this printer is wireless so that it can be shared with all members in our family.
    The speed is also a definite plus as we are always printing and having to wait for each other. So this would definitely help with the wait time.


  91. Lacey Burd says

    The wireless feature would be tremendously helpful! It would nice to have a printer that I could actually afford the ink to, lol

  92. says

    Stopping to print really breaks your train of thought. The computer has to take a minute to test the communication cables with the printer. But wireless printing looks so seemless.

  93. Claudia M says

    mine only prints in black ( very old printer ) i would love to have a color one for school-work, church fliers , coupons and much more

  94. Catherine says

    This printer would be very useful for printing photos and it would be useful for my kids to print out what they need to from school projects.

  95. says

    With homeschooling we are always using the printer. I love finding prints online and printing them for the walls in my home, not to mention all the photos that I could print instantly. Thanks for the chance!

  96. says

    It would help me get caught up on my scrapbooking needs. I have to scan in photo’s and print off new pages for the albums, and new photos for the walls as we just moved in to our new home. My old printer went capoots on me… This would be an awesome gift to myself.

  97. Vera P. says

    The scan function would be great so I can send my work in. I work from home, being able to print is also great too. For personal use I’d print recipes, photos, scrapbook and download worksheets for the kids that I could print.

  98. Lisa Garner says

    My children do most of their homework in their rooms with their laptops and the wireless feature makes for easy printing without having to save and use the desktop computer.

  99. Saver Sara says

    Since we’ve moved, we don’t have a printer set up and there have definitely been times that we have needed one!

  100. katklaw777 says

    I do not have a working printer right now…this would be great because I could print coupons for everything I need!

  101. Candice Hull says

    I just signed up to be a kindergarten room mother and the secretary at our church’s kids’ church every week, so I will be doing a lot of printing and ours is old.
    thank you

  102. says

    My daughter would be able to print her homework more efficiently with this than with the caveman printer we currently own. I would be able to print out coupons to save money at the grocery store!

  103. harolde says

    No wires, this would help us so much. We have to constantly plug and unplug our printer into our laptops right now.

  104. Nicole Millheim says

    My printer does not work well with my laptop..this would help so much and i would be able to print coupons. driving me crazy that I am missing out on so many printed coupons off the internet

  105. Deb S says

    This would be fantastic. I am always trying to print coupons or recipes or some form and my printer only half works.

  106. Mya Murphy says

    I’m not one for using a printer everyday, but it would help me download coupons and in case I need to print off something to mail for a prize. I don’t own a printer and having to go to the library gets expensive!!

  107. dawn cook says

    i currently do not have a printer =( so this would be nice, i can do my coupons everyday and with the kids going back to school i’m sure they will use it for projects as well

  108. Carl L Smith Jr says

    I own a small business that requires me to go to customers homes to service. I hand write receipts all day and this would be so much more professional and easier for me to keep organized!

  109. Rachel Ellis says

    I would give this to my dad. It would help him by allowing him to have a printer in his house instead of walking out to his shop every time he needs to print something.

  110. susan smoaks says

    this printer would make it possible for me to print from any room in the house. right now we have to be at the desktop to print from our really old HP laser jet!

  111. 1955nurse says

    O~M~G — we need this SOOOO badly! Our Grandkids live 5 1/2 hrs away, so we take/send pictures. Would be nice to be able to print them, esp. for my Father-in-law! Not to mention coupons, resume’ (I’m job hunting) & for a million other things – we NEED this, Lol!!!! Thanks for the chance…..

    (I got a response after posting this that I was posting “too quickly” & to slow down, so not sure if my entry went thru or not!)

  112. T.h.Ransom says

    This would be great for printing photographs of kids to share with the family, coupons, and craft projects for my daughter

  113. Meegan Whitford says

    I dont have a printer so this would really help me for printing the things i need to print or would like to print off

  114. Jeanette H. says

    My current printer is no longer working and my daughter is going back to school soon, which means printing essays and other projects. This printer would be a huge help!

  115. Vikki Billings says

    It would help me print out important paper work and coupons. Plus mine has been broken for about 4 months now and it would be nice to have a new one.

  116. Jamie says

    We haven’t owned a printer in over a year, and I really miss having that option. If I can get away with it at work for a page or two, that’s fine. But, for example, when we travel and I need to print out multiple travel itineraries, maps, copy our drivers license/credit card/insurance info, etc.. I have nowhere to do it. We were thinking of buying one, but I’ll put my name in here just to see if luck is on our side. Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

  117. Sarah Z says

    My printer is upstairs and I am downstairs most of the time so not having to go up and down the stairs whenever I need to print would be great!

  118. Brandi Kerr says

    I could use it to print my coupons instead of asking someone else to or going somewhere else and printing them. It would make my life so much easier.

  119. Cathy H says

    I am homeschooling 4 children – and we currently do not have a printer! This printer would make our schooling so much easier by printing worksheets, information from the internet, etc, etc.

  120. Beverly Metcalf says

    I love that this printer is wireless and the ink is also very affordable. I would print out more pictures if my ink wasn’t so expensive. Thanks.

  121. Michelle Tucker says

    Well since I use printers a lot for invoices, I sure could use this one, which I’d put right near me.

  122. Bryan E. says

    Thanks for the giveaway…our kids are constantly using the printer for art projects, photos, school reports, etc.

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