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5M4M contributor Jennifer Donovan is here to tell you about an awesome project that Always has taken on. We were compensated to help publicize this effort, but as always, our writer’s opinions are her own.

I have a daughter. She’s about to turn 15 years old and begin her second year in high school. That means that the time is rapidly approaching when she’s going to be leaving home. She’s already thinking a lot about her future: what she wants to do as a career, where she might want to go to college to help her achieve that dream, and what she needs to be doing now to prepare her.

She does have a dream. She would like to do something with art, and is most interested in animation. She even knows that specifically that she would prefer to work on an animated television series, versus feature films. Joining the world of children’s literature as an illustrator is another dream that she might pursue.

I’m her mom. I’m THE woman she looks to for validation. I’m conscious of that responsibility and honor, but it’s hard for me, because I’m more of a realist than a dreamer. But I want her to pursue her dreams hard, even though I know that there’s usually a lot of heartbreak along the way.



For the last 5 weeks, Always has been running a contest to help women help women. Through Give a Girl a Break, Always helped three teams of aspiring female filmmakers realize their dreams and make a short film. We invited them to come together and use their talents to show what it means to “Give A Girl A Break.” The result is three remarkable films. 15 Girls. 5 Weeks. 3 Films. And You.

For 30 years, Always has been supporting women and watching them support each other. We believe in the powerful truth that in ways big and small, women come together every day to lift each other up.

This is why we created Give a Girl a Break. Through Give a Girl Break, we’re creating a community that empowers women to help one another pursue passions, realize dreams and prove—without a doubt, we’re always stronger together.

I sat down to watch the three short films with my daughter and my niece. They liked the creativity of Team Amie’s “Lucia Libre.” It didn’t surprise me that it was Amanda’s favorite, because it was voted “most artistic.” I liked Team Sabrina’s “Sing Room,” because it felt like a real way that women can and do help other women today. Team Alana’s “To the Rescue” is the true story about how one woman helped another realize her dreams.

Go to to watch all the short videos, and follow along at


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    Can’t wait to see the short films. What a great opportunity for those girls. You daughter is going to live life and learn from mistakes and from experiences. I bet she will do great in whatever it is she is doing though.

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