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Michelle, 5 Minutes for Mom contributor, is here to share her insights into The Homemaker’s Friend 2014 Planner through this sponsored post and giveaway. While we were compensated to write this post, our writer’s views and opinions remain her own.

It’s only the beginning of August, but I’m already starting to panic about the coming school year. We’ll be going from days with few activities that I can loosely structure to fit our desires for the day to what will feel like one nonstop activity.

We’ll be going from school to tae kwon do to gymnastics to Girl Scouts to Spanish class and more. I know it can all be done, but there are so many moving parts that it’s easy to get lost. That’s a big reason why I love planners like The Homemaker’s Friend 2014 Planner.

With your purchase of the 2014 calendar for $13.99, you also get a bonus 2013 calendar for free that contains the same information so you can start off on your organization immediately.

Every day is different, but I can’t forget or miss anything. This planner recognizes that and makes it easy for me to get and stay organized, not just with my children’s activities, but with the rest of my life, as well. It includes a monthly calendar so that I can put the big items in there that I need to remember. Then there are pages for each week that allow me to organize the daily minutiae that can so easily be forgotten.

I love that is also includes room at the top of the weekly view for tasks lists. My organization isn’t just about getting people to the right place at the right time; it’s also about ensuring that I get done what I need to do.

Having that task list on the same page as my calendar helps me prioritize where I can fit in those tasks I need to accomplish, from the simple ones like making a dentist appointment to the more complex ones like scheduling car repairs.

The Homemaker’s Friend Planner is a one stop shop for my organization – no pun intended. There are pages dedicated to creating my to do lists, so that when I’m out and about (sitting in a tae kwon do lesson, for example), I can pull out my planner and start writing down the things I need to do rather than making a mental list and forgetting by the time I’m near a pen and paper or – worse yet – writing my to do list on a scrap of paper in my purse that disappears, never to be seen again.

Given all the volunteering I do, I inevitably have meetings in various places. Today, I texted our carnival chair to remind me of her address as I’d run out of the house and forgotten to grab it.

If I could instead keep that planner with me and simply write down things like who at the high school is the contact to arrange for student volunteers to addresses of my typical meetings to phone numbers of new friends, it would be simpler. Not surprisingly, this planner includes pages for writing down the names, numbers and addresses that you need for now but may not want to put permanently into your address book.

Along the same lines, the planner includes tear out shopping lists (smart) that are narrow so they don’t waste paper, as three fit on a single sheet within the planner and all are perforated to make it easy to remove them.

That’s another task I can accomplish while sitting in the car waiting for school to let out or in gymnastics. The list stays in my planner until I’m ready to hit the store, then it’s easy to remove so I don’t stare at outdated shopping lists months later.

This planner runs from January to December of 2014.  It is 6 by 8 1/2 inches, perfect to fit into my purse.  It’s spiral bound, making it easy to flip pages without damaging a spine, and laminated so it doesn’t fall apart easily. With your purchase of the 2014 calendar for $13.99, you also get a bonus 2013 calendar for free that contains the same information so you can start off on your organization immediately.

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Michelle may never stop running around Chicagoland, but she always makes time for the important things in her life – her wee ones, cooking, reading, and spending time with friends – and of course, writing. You can see what she’s up to on her blog Honest & Truly! or on Twitter where she tweets as @HonestAndTruly.


  1. says

    Ive never used a planner but I bet it would sure come in handy. I usually put my to do list on a piece of scratch paper. So I will have like five random pieces of paper laying around.

  2. tammy b says

    we make sure everything is in the backpack the night before, shower in the evenings, and sometimes pick outfits and do lunches in the evenings as well

  3. robin says

    I am all over the place with everything and it is very stressful. I know my life needs to be more organized and a planner can do just that.

  4. Jennifer Donovan says

    I can’t enter to win this giveaway, but I just wanted to say that I’m buying one right now! My favorite planner went out of business last year, so I had to try another one. It’s okay, but this one sounds perfect for 2014!

  5. June S. says

    I use my kitchen calendar to try and keep my life straight around here. But I know my daughter-in-law would like this, so I’d give it to her.

  6. Susan P. says

    Prepare as much as possible the night before and make sure any papers that have to go back to school are already in their backpacks.

  7. Alvina Castro says

    My kiddo starts school for the first time this fall so I dont have tips yet sadly. I actually need them instead

  8. Leslie Galloway says

    I like to lay out the kids’ clothes ahead of time, and make breakfast (as much as you can) the night before. That gets us out of the front door on time (usually!).

  9. Dani says

    Use a hanging closet organizer with five shelves. Each shelf is for one school day. Set up each day’s outfit, complete with socks and undergarments, on the appropriate shelf during the weekend.

  10. Mary W says

    Plan ahead. Do as much the night before whenever possible I am not a morning person so this is critical for me.

  11. Kerrie Mayans says

    I have learned the putting out the clothes the night before saves us so much time in the mornings. I also put the lunches together and keep them in the fridge overnight.

  12. Danielle Papsis says

    Plan ahead, the night before just in case of a power outage, you slept through your alarm clock or anything else.

  13. Jenny Lloyd says

    the kids shower/bathe the night before, we lay out all our clothes and get our bags ready and by the door before going to bed and simple, quick breakfasts

  14. says

    Have everything ready the night before! Backpacks by front door, lunches made or ready to be made depending on the item, school clothes laid out… Makes those crazy mornings easier!

  15. Stephanie says

    I try to get as much ready before bed as possible. Im not much of a morning person and it helps me get through the morning if I am prepared.

  16. Lisa A. says

    Plan and set everything out the night before – no “searching” for things in the morning when rushed for time. And, I ask my kiddos to get their clothes ready for each weekday on Sunday (doesn’t always fly – but when it does – it’s nice).

  17. says

    Best tip is that the big kids take turns (by the week) making school lunches the night before, while the others are clearing the table and doing night time dishes. I created a “cheat sheet” for what a school lunch should (and should not!) look like and then I am OUT of the conversation :) Love it!

  18. 1955nurse says

    Set-up the coffee pot the night before on it’s timer, then get up 20 minutes BEFORE the kids! Thanks for the chance…,..,

  19. T.h.Ransom says

    I get everything set out for my daughter and have her lunch packed the night before. It allows me to fully concentrate on the things that have to be done that morning.

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