How To Let Motherhood Inspire and Empower Your Business #WAHMStrategy

Work at Home Mom Strategy Hour

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In the eleventh hangout in our series – Work At Home Moms Strategy Hour, Kelli Miller and I will discuss with our guest Kiva Leatherman How To Let Motherhood Inspire and Empower Your Business.

As mothers we have special experience and skills that we can use in our jobs and businesses.

When many of us choose to be work at home moms, it’s because we want to focus extra attention on the mothering side of our lives.

So it follows that many of us would love to combine our home life with our work life. For bloggers, there are countless ways to do so, but there are also other businesses where you can use your parenting and homemaking skills.

In this hangout we talk with Kiva about her personal experiences as a work-at-home mom and entrepreneur. Kiva and her partner have created the perfect business opportunity for mothers to become trained Parenting Coaches. You can find out more about Kiva’s business at here.

In this WAHM Strategy Hour, we will talk about…

  • Why Mothers Make Great Business Owners
  • Best Types of Businesses for Mothers
  • How to Find and Build a Business Support System
  • What Is Coaching in General and Parenting Coaching Specifically
  • What are Key Success Factors when starting your Own Business
  • What are common Business Startup Mistakes to Avoid

We’d love to have you join in the live chat, ask questions and share your own advice and experiences.

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