Organize Your Beauty Products

I face an ironic dilemma. I struggle to find time to put on makeup in the morning, yet I obsessively buy new beauty products. This predicament leads to a bathroom full of 3/4 filled products and a giant mess. Because I would like to actually use some of my purchases, I spent the other day organizing my bathroom. Now, my bathroom looks gorgeous and so do I. Here are some of my tips to get your beauty products organized and in tip top shape.

organize your beauty products

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  1. Clean out your products. Before you can even start organizing, you need to throw everything away that has expired, you haven’t used in six months or is empty. Be brutal. If you can’t part with that eye cream from 2008, enlist a friend to give you some tough love.
  2. Use a labeling system. When you buy a new product, put a small label on it noting the date. There won’t be any question when the product expires and needs to be thrown away.
  3. Downsize. Choose up to five products that you cannot live without and keep them in the corner of your sink or on a shelf in your medicine cabinet. Get rid of or store everything else. You can buy a cute tray for your sink to display your products so it is both decorative and practical.
  4. Have two make-up bags. Sounds counterintuitive, right? Hear me out. If you fill one bag with your daily make-up essentials and one with your more fun make-up, you won’t be rooting through a giant bag filled with glitter eyeliner when all you need is your mascara. I keep my tinted moisturizer, concealer, bronzer, an eyelash curler and mascara in my essentials bag.
  5. Store like things together. Group all of your products like hair care, skin care and styling tools together and then store each in separate bin under your sink. This way, when you go to buy that 100th bottle of moisturizer, you can look under the sink and realize you don’t need it. This system also helps wrangle cords from hair dryers, curling irons and flat irons so you don’t have a tangled mess under your sink.

And that’s it! With a little discipline, you can have your beauty products organized in no time!

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Your Turn:

How do you organize your beauty products?


  1. says

    I especially love the tip of having 2 makeup bags… Janice does that and I have in the past. At the moment mine have merged into one big mess. Must organize!

  2. vickie couturier says

    I needed to read these tips ,ive got to go thru an dispose of a lot that I dont use anymore

  3. Mer says

    Thanks for the tips…makeup is taking over my vanity. I really like the two bag one, and will give that a try.

  4. Sue says

    Great tips. In the summer I usually don’t wear anything but water-proof mascara. I sweat to much for anything else.

  5. says

    Those are all great ideas! I’m a terrible pack-rat – as I’m purging and packing for our big move next month, I discovered I have way too many beauty products ‘stashed’ that need to go. If I had them organized, I wouldn’t have that problem! :)

  6. says

    Good tips! I’m bad about hoarding beauty products myself. I just haven’t been able to come up with a storage/organization system that works for me so they usually end up being shoved in my vanity drawers.

  7. Tammy S says

    Super tips. I don’t use a bunch so it makes it simple to keep them organized. I do need to work on throwing out expired products.

  8. ronalee says

    Great tips! I recently went through my beauty products and now I am going to double check to see if I missed any of these ideas.

  9. Margot C says

    Sound advice; I like the two make-up bag thing especially. I have (humm) more Like 3 but I need to throw some stuff away.

  10. MaryAnn says

    Downsizing is my favorite tip. I think if people saw our bathroom they would be amazed how little we use.

  11. Georgia Beckman says

    Thank you! This was very helpful to me. I am one of those that digs through 12 glitter shadows (which I’ve yet to use!) to find an eye liner that I need. I thought I had organized it nicely with my hanging mesh organizer. Well, not nicely, but it was at least contained. I am definitely doing the two makeup bag thing, that will come in so handy!

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