How to BBQ for 533 Kids #deliverymanmovie

How hard is it to BBQ for a family get together? Can you imagine if there were 533 of you? Check out this fun infographic for the new Delivery Man movie on how to BBQ for 533 kids.

Could you imagine buying 45 packs of bacon? My husband would be in hog heaven!

While you are checking out the infographic above, be sure to watch the newest trailer. This movie looks to be hilarious and we cannot wait to go see it when it opens in theaters.

We were not compensated to share this information with you — we just love Dreamworks and wanted to pass this info along to you.


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    I love the number of hot dogs and hot dog buns – every time I buy buns and dogs, I wonder WHY on earth the bakeries and butchers can’t put the same number of each into the package. :)

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