Summer Reading Recommendations for Kids

Jennifer Donovan, Managing Editor at 5 Minutes for Books, is here to point you in the right direction to get — or keep — your kids reading this summer.

Whether it was July 4th or Canada Day, the first official summer holidays have come and gone. I don’t know about you, but we like to ease into our summer. We’ve spent the last few weeks trying not to be too over-scheduled, just sleeping late, swimming in our pool and getting together with friends.

Books figure easily into that equation. For me and my kids, that means long mornings lounging in our PJs and reading a few more pages since we aren’t rushing off to school or an activity. I also always bring our books outside when we swim, so that after we get out, we can read for 20 minutes or so while we dry out in the sun before going into the house.

Road trips are another time that we make sure we have lots of books on hand. We each take traditional books as well as audiobooks, either those that we can listen to as a family, or individual picks loaded up on our ipods.

Want to find out more about the books pictured above? Click through to our summer reading recommendations post over at 5 Minutes for Books for direct links to all of those books. These are culled from our recent reviews, including current giveaways and 5-Star Reads.

Want to dig deeper into our collection of reviews? You can browse by age: High School, 12 and up, 9 – 12, 6 – 9 or 3 – 6.

For the best of the best, check out our 5-Star Reads page. In addition to books for adults, we have the books sorted by genre, including children’s and young adult books, for each year that we’ve been reviewing.

What are your recommendations?

Have your kids read something that you’d like to share? Leave a comment and tell us about it!

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