5 Wardrobe Pieces Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet

Hello 5 Minutes for Mom readers! Intern Jessica here again to share some key wardrobe pieces every woman should own.

Having versatile pieces in your closet, not only saves you money, but time as well. We all know what it’s like to shop with little ones. It’s almost impossible. So if you have items that are always ‘In Style’ and everlasting, you never have to worry about breaking the bank or someone having a tantrum in the middle of a store!

  1. The perfect pair of jeans.
    Owning the perfect pair of denim is a necessity, because we literally live in them. Also, when you purchase the right wash of denim, you can wear them with anything. Tip: stick with more of a medium/dark wash that way you can wear the denim with white and black.
  2. The little black dress.
    Dress the LBD up with a pair of heels and a statement necklace for a date night, or dress it down with casual flats and minimal jewelry for lunch with friends. Tip: Stick with a cotton material. This allows the LBD to be more versatile.
  3. A basic tank top.
    If I told you how many tank tops I own, you would probably laugh. I live in these in the summer. They are also great for layering in the fall and winter. The basic tank is perfect for all seasons. Tip: If you plan on layering your tank top in the workplace, stick with ones that are not ribbed – AKA the textured lines on cotton pieces.
  4. A black blazer.
    You can never go wrong when purchasing a black blazer. The styling opportunities with this piece are endless. You can wear this to work, or wear it with a pair of jeans. Tip: If you’re in the market for a new blazer, try purchasing one that is a cotton/polyester blend. This material is not too ‘dressy’. It’s great for the workplace and everyday activities.
  5. A black pencil skirt.
    There is nothing more classic to me then a black pencil skirt. It is so simple and when worn with the right top, very elegant. Tip: When purchasing a pencil skirt, try finding one with a zipper on the back of the skirt. This prevents any ‘puckering’ on the side.

Do you have any of these in your closet?


  1. says

    Am too cold to wear anything without sleeves, so no tank tops! Also, figure dictates black pleated skirt rather than pencil. I can’t imagine not having polos, turtlenecks, or the aforementioned pleated skirts ( hard to wear straight skirts on a bicycle!) in my closet, but everyone’s fashion needs are different!

  2. says

    I splurged a couple years ago and bought a black BCBG (my favorite!!) blazer on a 50% off sale and have used it SO much! One of the best purchases ever! :) Love it!

  3. says

    Yeah, I agree with you women having lots of options to choose their dress from their wardrobe. Black color is everyone’s favorite whether it’s men or women. I wish my wardrobe was always full of tops, dresses and everything which I want.

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