Overcoming Work-at-Home Challenges – #WAHMStrategy Hour

Work at Home Mom Strategy Hour

Learn How to Overcome the Challenges of Working at Home by Building Business & Personal Support Systems

Working at home and/or running a small business is one challenge after another. It’s one of the hardest things you’ll do… next to parenting.

Actually, I often think of the similarities of running a small business from home and parenting. Both are so ridiculously hard and each day is full of new problems. But ultimately, the rewards are immeasurable and you know you’re living the only life you’d want.

You Need Support and Systems

One of the most important similarities between parenting and working at home and/or running a small business is needing support.

Watch the replay of our recent Google Hangout where we talk honestly about how to set up personal and business support systems to handle the daily challenges you face working at home and/or running a small business.

In the seventh hangout in our series – Work At Home Moms Strategy Hour, Kelli Miller, Erica Mueller and I will help you plan and implement support systems to push past the personal and business challenges of running a small business and/or having a work-at-home job.

Watch the Replay Here

Working at home and/or running a small business is one challenge after another. We’re going to talk honestly about the problems we face daily and the strategies we use to overcome the challenges of working at home and running our businesses.

Overcoming Personal and Business Challenges when Working at Home and Running a Small Business

Watch the session replay video above to learn more about…

Business Challenges
First challenge… not treating your business as a hobby.

There are 3 Main Business Areas and each is full off challenges you need to overcome by getting support and/or creating efficient systems.

  1. Financial
    • Business Plan
    • Bookkeeping
    • Cash Flow
  2. Operations
    • Getting all the work done (Fulfillment / Providing services)
    • Hiring – Outsourcing, Contractors, Employers, Interns
    • Managing your time
  3. Marketing
    • How to grow your business
    • Balancing social media tasks
    • How to generate new leads or find new clients
    • How to convert those leads into sales or revenue

Personal Challenges

  • Balancing Family Life – organizing time
  • Setting Work Hours – do you have a support system at home to help
  • Managing Expectations – understanding your goals and limitations
  • Financial Needs – are you the sole financial support for your family
  • Social Needs – are you too isolated and lonely working alone

Read the participant comments on the Google+ Event Here

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