5 Things You Can Do Now to Create Dinner Devotions at the Table

Teresa, 5m4m contributor, shares her insights on how to create a dinner devotion time with your family. Tyndale Publishers compensated us to write this post, however all opinions remain those of the writer.

As a Christian parent, I want my children to grow up in the Lord. It is my responsibility to lead them in this direction. Dinner devotions are one of the most powerful ways to pull a family together — it becomes a safe place, which ultimately leads to family strengthening.

My children’s schedule already includes what I call the Three B’s: bath, books and bed. I have simply added another B in there: Bible. There is always room for five minutes of Bible time. Children are never too young to introduce dinner devotions.

You can do five things now to create dinner devotions to get your Four B’s started for the evening: Bible, Bath, Books, Bed.

5 Things You Can Do Now to Create Dinner Devotions at the Table

  • Read from a children’s Bible. We actually use the books that my husband had as a child. Each night one child gets to read the bible verse and my children are always excited when it is their turn. Keep the stories short so your children will stay engaged.
  • Sing fun songs. Bible songs can be purchased through iTunes or at Christian bookstores. Before you know it, your children will be singing them standing in line at the grocery store.
  • Utilize supplements. A great addition is using stuffed toys or puppets. Visual aides make the story real to a child. For example, is you are reading about Noah’s ark, gather your animals two by two and bring them along.
  • Scripture memorization can help direct and strengthen your children’s heart. Pick a verse from the Bible and repeat it every day until everyone memorizes it. We are currently memorizing the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). Memorizing God’s word teaches us to train our brains and hearts to have a habit for the rest of our lives.
  • Pray. In the beginning, you may need to be the example, but after awhile, your child will know what and who to pray about. God cares about every detail and delights in your time spent talking to him. Pray A.C.T.S. daily.
  • Adoration: “You are the giver of life.”
  • Confession: “I did wrong today.”
  • Thanksgiving: “I give thanks to you.”
  • Supplication: “Help me have self control.”

Soon it will become a part of your day to say, “Let’s take time to be with God.” Sometimes, Bible time may be cut short due to everyday life. Just remember to remain committed to the goal of family dinner devotions. So out with the bad thoughts of stress, worry and fear. Leave that behind and focus on the good and goodness will spread.

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Teresa is a family lifestyle photographer who is happy homeschooling her three children in the Christian classical education theory in the suburbs of Chicago. You can find her on her blog Tiaras & Tantrums or on Twitter as @tiarastantrums.

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