Spend the Summer with Your Kids and Your Camera

This guest post was submitted by Teresa B of Tiara and Tantrums.

If you are looking for some inspiration to help you have fun with those summer memories, grab your kids and your camera. Here are some inspiring ideas to take better summer photographs.

Inspiring Ideas to Take Better Summer Photographs

Head out to a carnival

Go to the beach

Get water shots

Nature Walks

Hunt for butterflies

Grab the sprinkler

Make a lemonade stand

 Wash Dad’s car

Roast Marshmallows

Summer might just be the best season of the year, giving you a lot of fantastic opportunities to capture summer moments with your children.

What is inspiring you lately with your camera?



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    We went out on the weekend to some festivals/parks and I totally wished I had my camera with me! I should just learn to leave it in the diaper bag because there are always great moments that I want to photograph. :) Thanks for these tips!

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