Tackle it Tuesday – Tackling Summer Sun Care Tips

Tackle It Tuesday

Thanks to Dermatology Consultants for this week’s Tackle it Tuesday post.

Everyone knows it’s impossible to keep active families out of the sun. Yet sun exposure can cause wrinkles, sun spots and worst of all, skin cancer. The doctors at Dermatology Consultants, one of the oldest and largest dermatology practices in the Twin Cities, offer these helpful tips for keeping you and your family safe from the sun’s potentially harmful UV rays.

  • Keep sunscreen somewhere handy in your home so it’s easy to remember. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30 or higher and one that carries the AAD or Skin Cancer Foundation seal of approval.
  • Make sure you’re applying the proper amount of sunscreen, about a shot glass for the whole body, 15-20 minutes before you go outside.
  • Reapply sunscreen every 2-3 hours. Smartphone apps like nēvus have reminders that sound an alarm when it’s time to reapply.
  • Remember to apply sunscreen on your ears and the back of your arms and legs, especially if you’re a runner or golfer. These are areas where we often see signs of sun damage.
  • Many clothing lines like Coolibar offer sun-protective clothing and UV protection swimwear. A stylish hat with a wide brim is always a good idea.
  • Don’t believe the myth of the “base tan” as protection against the sun. If you’d like a healthy glow use a self-tanner. One of our favorites is Fake Bake but there are many options available.
  • Be most cautious when the sun is strongest, between 10 am and 4pm every day.
  • Schedule your annual skin check with a dermatologist now and watch for any changing moles and lesions on your body.


About Dermatology Consultants, P.A. – Dermatology Consultants, P.A. was founded in 1949 as one of the first practices devoted to dermatologic medicine in the Twin Cities. Today, Dermatology Consultants provides a full spectrum of services including general skin care for adults and children, skin cancer surgery and reconstruction, and cosmetic dermatology. Dermatology Consultants has four Twin Cities’ locations in Eagan, Saint Paul, Vadnais Heights and Woodbury. For more information, please visit us at DermatologyConsultants.com or find us on Facebookor Twitter

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