Mommy Time Review and Giveaway

Jennifer here to share with you my thoughts on the book Mommy Time: 90 Devotions for New Moms by Sarah Arthur. We were compensated to write this post and sent a book to read, however all opinions listed are our own.

I remember the first time I became a mom. I was filled with fear and excitement every time I looked at my little bundle of joy. I did my best to devour every book and talk all of my mom friend’s ears off about what I could expect. Those times spent reading and chatting with friends were some of the best, because they helped shape how I handled that first year of being a mom.

Now — there’s another book on the market to give you even more guidance — Mommy Time: 90 Devotions for New Moms by Sarah Arthur.

Every new mom experiences a myriad of emotions—joy, love, the frightening, yet terrific reality that you are now responsible for a tiny little dependent. And in the midst of all these emotions—and burpings, feedings, diaper changes, and quick naps—moms need to be reminded of God’s awesomeness. In this gift-like book, new mom and best-selling author Sarah Arthur writes about how delivering her son three weeks early reminds her of God’s timing, how her trip home from the hospital with her newborn son tucked away in his car seat points to God being in control even when she is fearful, and how a mom’s concern over friendly strangers touching her young child in the grocery store also reminds her that people are sent to help. In a fresh and contemplative style, Arthur sits alongside Mom and helps her understand that God is in control . . . even when her life feels drastically out of control. This devotional will be a great companion for Mom during the small amount of time she gets to sit and be still and think of the truths of God’s word, while relating it to her new favorite subject—her baby.


I really enjoyed reading through this book. It brought back a lot of memories of that first year (which is now long gone by 18 of them!)

The best part about Mommy Time is that I don’t think it necessarily has to only be for the new mom. This book could definitely give any mom out there encouragement.

This book would make the perfect baby shower gift anytime!

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What is your worst fear as a first time mommy?


  1. Anne Lehnick says

    My biggest fear was not knowing all the ways in which my life would change. I knew it would, but I just couldn’t fathom the way things would be in the future.

  2. Lisa A. says

    He was a preemie. My biggest fear was that he wouldn’t grow enough in his first weeks so we could take him home. He is now 14 and taller than me!

  3. Amy Tolley says

    my biggest fear was that i wouldnt know how to take care of them properly and they would stop breathing while sleeping….i was up constantly checking on them…

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