The Damon System is Now the Damon Smile

Jennifer here to share with you an exciting update about the Damon Clear braces and give you an update on the progress of my teeth. I have been compensated to write this post and received orthodontic treatment during this campaign, however all opinions listed are my own.

Today I was looking through pictures and ran across the first one I ever took right after getting my braces put on. I realized that I also took one a couple of weeks ago, so I decided to put them side by side just to see how much difference there has been made so far.

I can’t believe how much things are changing. My facial shape, my lips, my teeth — everything is really moving into place. Damon is really making my smile more beautiful day by day!

Because Damon is amazing at making beautiful smiles, they have announced that they are re-branding their name from Damon Clear to Damon Smile!  I truly feel that is fitting for them. They believe in giving anyone a gorgeous smile.

The Damon® Smile transforms smiles in less time that normal braces, with greater comfort and extraordinary results. You can use me for example. My teeth were HORRIBLE, and in just 5 short months, my orthodontist says that we are soon gonna be to the point we can start talking about the next step to my beautiful smile!

An independent study found that the new Damon Smile name encourages prospective patients to think more about improving their smiles. To everyone considering enhancing their facial appearance and correcting their teeth—young and old—there’s never been a better time to achieve a new, beautiful smile, as the Damon Smile enables orthodontists to deliver remarkable outcomes.

Treating more than 3 million patients, the Damon Smile is an orthodontic treatment, offered by thousands of orthodontists worldwide, that is proven to improve smiles and provide results that go beyond straight teeth, correcting bites, smile arcs and overall facial symmetry for smoother cheek contours and enhanced profiles. Damon Clear™ is a virtually invisible option—ideal for today’s image-conscious adults and teens—that offers clear brackets for the upper and lower arches.

If you are interested in learning more about the Damon® Smile, use the Damon Doctor Locator, an easy-to-use search tool for locating a local Damon Smile provider.

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