Join us Live for the #SteakRedemption Twitter Party & Google+ Hangout

Thank you everyone who joined this fabulous Twitter Party and Google+ Hangout. It was a huge success and we all had a fantastic time.

Please follow the party Hosts: @LoveCDNBeef, @EarlsRestaurant and Moderators: @ShesConnected, @CooCooforCookin, and @CanadianBeef

To join upcoming an upcoming Twitter Party or have us host one for you, find out more here.

Steak Redemption Twitter Party and HangoutSusan here with a fun invitation for you all. Join us tomorrow night (Thursday, May 2, 7pm Pacific) for a live, on-location Twitter Party & Google+ Hangout sponsored by @EarlsRestaurant and coordinated by @ShesConnected.

You’ve got to join us for this awesome Twitter Party & Google+ Hangout where we will be live, on-location tweeting and hanging-out on video with Google+ at @EarlsRestaurant in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I hope I don’t choke on my steak live on camera because I know I’ll be laughing and having far too much fun with the local bloggers joining us and those of you on Twitter and Google+.
Steak Redemption
This is our first Hangout on-location at a restaurant, so we might have a few new technical challenges along the way… but you can watch and laugh along with us.

EarlsThere are PRIZES available to both Canadians and Americans. While we’re talking about Canadian Beef, we hope all our American friends join to share your love for steaks.

And a plus for you Americans… you can count how many times we say, “eh” and you get to laugh at our Canadian accents and how we say “sorry” and “about”.

RSVP for the Twitter Party Here.
RSVP for the Google+ Hangout Here.
(Yes, you can RSVP for both and chat in both streams if you want during the event.)

When: Thursday, May 2, 7pm Pacific
Twitter Hosts: @LoveCDNBeef, @EarlsRestaurant
Moderators: @ShesConnected, @CooCooforCookin, @CanadianBeef
Prizing: @BloggerWomen
Hashtags: #LoveCDNBeef #SteakRedemption.

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