Mother’s Day Giveaway – Earthies® Shoes


Susan here… I’m thrilled to say we’re giving away a pair of Earthies®. I did receive a pair to try out, but don’t worry, my sincere love for these shoes is all mine.

I’m always on the hunt for cute, comfy shoes I can wear to conferences.

To be honest, in my typical days at home, I usually wear a pair of runners when I’m running errands or taking my girls to school. So my big events where I’m dressing up are usually local blogging events or conferences.

And when I’m at a conference, I need comfortable shoes that still look stylish. When I was at BlogHer in New York last year, I was so upset I didn’t have any Earth brand shoes with me. I tweeted out something about my feet killing from all the walking in the sweltering New York heat, and my good friend Leah replied that I should be wearing Earth® shoes.

So recently when Leah asked for volunteers to try out their spring line, I jumped fast.

I’m so excited that when BlogHer comes around this summer, I will be wearing my Earthies®.

As I said, we get to give one of you a pair… so tell me, if you win, where will you wear your Earthies®?

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So where would you wear your Earthies®?


  1. Kelly King says

    I would wear them to work! I work in a chiropractic office 3 days a week(in school the other two) and need comfortable shoes that look good. It is so important to me to keep my feet in tip top shape since I will soon be a licensed massage therapist, standing for much of the day.

  2. Jenny says

    I would choose Penchant and I would wear them everywhere…to the park, to church, to the store, to school…!

  3. Jenny says

    I love the Corsica and they look comfortable to wear anywhere! I would wear them to go out shopping, to a movie, or to dinner.

  4. Kelly King says

    Oh, I love them all but my next pair will be the Petunia in brown. Cute compromise between a she and a sandal. I’d take any of their styles if I won though, there isn’t one style that I don’t like!

  5. Melisa says

    Love this style! I’m attending the CHA Create-n-Connect Conference & Trade Show in Las Vegas in July and these would be perfect…and cute! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  6. kate says

    The Salerno in Biscuit is my favorite! Thank you for introducing me to this line of shoes! Had never heard of them before. I would wear these everywhere from the running errands to outdoor concert date with the hubs. :)

  7. Tammy S says

    I love The Bindi in light teal. I would wear them out to dinner with my husband. Really I would wear them everywhere. LOL

  8. Amy L. Norman says

    I am in love with the Corsica in green. I love the multi-colored hues in the straps. I am so lusting after them at this second.

  9. may says

    they are all pretty! I want one of each lol but most of all i wish for the Bindi!! thank you for the chance

  10. Penny says

    I need to have both the Tica and Toro, because I’d where them EVERYwhere. Seriously. I wore my Seraph boots on a 2-mile walk, confident that they’re my most comfortable shoes. No blisters, no sores, just bliss. I need more Earthies because they are the only shoes that work for me and my bunion.

  11. JRS says

    I love the Bindi flats. I would wear them to work, church, and pretty much everywhere else! I have a pair of Earthies pumps that I wear to work and they’re the most comfortable heels I could imagine.

  12. julied says

    I’d wear them to a casual lunch outdoors, have a ice coffee to go, in hand and take a lovely romantic walk with my hubby on the beach boardwalk. Now that’s – my idea of heaven – from the bottom of my toes, up….

    • Anne Taylor says

      forgot to mention where I’d wear them! I’d wear them everywhere! at home, running errands, out to lunch etc.

  13. Sonya Morris says

    The Bindi in black and they look comfortable enough to wear all day while chasing a toddler around!

  14. Paige says

    Love the Bindi and Palermo – so many super cute styles to choose from!! Earthies are amazing – would wear them everywhere!

  15. Lorraine G says

    I would pick the Bindi. I would love to wear them everywhere, with a dress, or with jeans. These shoes are comfortable and you are able to dress up or down! Thanks for the opportunity to win! :)

  16. Kelly D says

    I like the Tica in black and I would wear them to a wedding I am going to and to many other summer events.

  17. says

    I love the Salerno in black! I would probably just wear them out running errands since I work from home and don’t do a lot of parties and outings haha! Hopefully I’d still be able to wear them this summer at 8 months pregnant! :)

  18. Sean C says

    I am entering on behalf of my wife, and I know she loves alot of styles of shoes you have. I am sure she would wear them to work, church or out to dinner. Thank you

  19. Debbie Bashford says

    Love the Valencia, would wear them everywhere. I am digging that flower accent and that they give a bit of height without putting the foot at an angle.

  20. Melissa P. says

    I like The Toro in black. I also like the Lavarra in black, the Skellig in the multi-color, and the Tica. I have wide feet so I don’t know if these shoes would work for me. It really depends on the style.

  21. Andrew B says

    I would choose the Javea shoe for my wife ( who is an awesome mother) and I am sure she would wear these often and everywhere!

  22. Liz says

    Biscuit colored Bindi, as I hope Spring is here and, thus, I needn’t focus on boots for those lunches with friends.

  23. Jeanette Jackson says

    I think I would get the Santini sandals in black. I would take them with me on our vacations to wear at the a la carte restaurants because we have to dress up to eat there.

  24. says

    I like ‘The Tica’ Sandals in the Burnt Orange color, I’d wear them all summer everywhere, I’m all into Orange this year, I got tired of the Pantone color of the year pretty quick! LOL :-)

  25. Julie says

    I’d choose the Tica sandal and wear them just about everywhere where it’s warm enough – to run errands, a walk in the park, and on vacation!

  26. Robyn says

    We packed up and drove 10 hours to visit my sister. We had so much fun just talking, laughing, and singing. I don’t get to see her very often. It was one of the few times we got to spend time alone together.

  27. Sarah B. says

    I, as many others, also love the Corsica wedge in black! I’d wear them to dinner and cocktails with friends.

  28. Cynthia R says

    love these shoes would probably choose the santini but I’m not quite sure. would wear to work, out shopping, dates, etc..

  29. Terra Heck says

    I’d like the Tortola pair in black and would wear them dancing during band nights at the campground. Thanks.

  30. Wanda McHenry says

    I have to go with the beautiful Women’s Earthies Corsica in Green and I’d be sporting those babies everywhere! Shopping, dinner, farmer’s market, everywhere!

  31. Holly Messana says

    i love the Toro in the light blue….i would where them anytime i went out, shopping, movies…….

  32. Brittany says

    Wow so many great choices. Beautiful shoes.
    I love the vanya, I think they are dressy enough for a date night with hubby, but casual enough for wearing to run errands or volunteer at my kids school.

  33. Lisa A. says

    I love the Corsica Wedges in Black. They would go great with anything – jeans or dressy. Tks!

  34. Carolsue says

    Are boots included? If so, I would love to have the dark gray Raaka boots
    If not, then I would choose the Black Bindi flats
    I would wear them both to work and going out to dinner, etc.

  35. julie says

    I just LOVE shoes!! i have nerve damage in my foot and when i wear earthies my feet feel great!! they can be worn anywhere and everywhere!

  36. CherylS22 says

    I’d probably get The Bindi shoe in black & I would wear it anywhere, especially when I have a lot walking to do.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. Justine says

    So many great styles! I don’t know yet which I would choose. I would wear them everywhere because I’m crazy about arch support.

  38. Abby Kraynick says

    The Positano in black. They are so stylish that I would wear them to work & shopping. They look very comfortable. They have the best shoes!!

  39. Savannah miller says

    I love the The Caradonna and I have a few weddings I’m invited too come up this summer I would where them there :)

  40. Karla Sceviour says

    I love the Tica sandals,,I would wear them everywhere,,love that they are casual but could be dressy as well,;)

  41. Linda Kish says

    I would like the Lavarra in walnut. I would wear them with my jeans and probably wear them most of the time.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

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